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Get to know your NC Heat conditioning coach


DFA Sports Reporter Danie van der Lith continues his series that has been introducing the NC Heat Cricket team to our readers – this week, we meet the team’s conditioning coach Storm Clark

Storm Clark. Picture: Danie van der Lith

Storm Clark

31 years old, born in East London

What inspired you to pursue a career in cricket coaching or management? It has always been a dream to be involved with a professional sporting team. Having studied biokinetics, the doors opened for me to be working in my dream job, which I am very fortunate and thankful for.

What other sports do you enjoy aside from cricket? Rugby, football, Formula One, and triathlon

What do you believe is the most important aspect of your role in contributing to the team’s success? Improving the athletic performance of each player to allow them to perform their cricketing skills at the highest level of performance every day, whether it be training or game day.

Are there any specific strategies or techniques you use to help players reach their full potential? There are so many in the field of athletic performance coaching, but the one that I will always refer back to is the term “micro-dosing.” If you can enhance athletic performance a little daily, in the end, it all accumulates. The 1% rule daily.

Could you provide insights into your role in the team’s training regimen and preparation for matches? I am the person that everyone has a love-hate relationship with as I push individuals to places that are uncomfortable, either in the gym or on the field while they are running or doing something physical. On training and game days, I am responsible for the warm-up taking place and then “soft skills” to add extra hands to the coaching staff with throwing balls, catching, and helping the keeper catch balls.

Are there any individuals in the cricketing world who have influenced your coaching or management style? Mark Charlton, the Northern Cape Heat Head Coach, has taught me a lot about myself, not only as a professional but personally too. How to deal with certain situations, when to push the guys, when to back off and be a bit more lenient, and how to carry myself better. He has also been instrumental in my being allowed to grow, learn, and express myself, my work, and my skills freely within the team environment.

What motivates you the most about being part of this cricket team’s coaching and management staff? Enhancing all players athletic performance to excel on the field, and with the work of the entire coaching staff as a collective, having these performances on the field contribute to ultimately being the best team is what motivates me the most.

Your biggest sporting hero outside of cricket? Jayme-Sue Vermaas (triathlete)

Favourite series: Lucifer

Hamburger, pizza, or fried chicken? Hamburger

Is there a quote that keeps you going when times get tough? “If you train hard, you’ll not only be hard; you’ll be hard to beat.” – Herschel Walker

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