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Clubs confident ahead of Youth Day boxing tournament


The DFA’s Danie van der Lith reached out to some of the clubs ahead of the tournament to get an idea of their origins, how they feel, and how confident they are ahead of the boxing tournament.

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WITH local boxer Mosa Ntlangula stepping up to make a difference in the Northern Cape’s boxing community, an amateur Youth Day boxing tournament is scheduled to take place tomorrow (Saturday, June 15th) at Pescodia High School in Roodepan.

The DFA’s Danie van der Lith reached out to some of the clubs ahead of the tournament to get an idea of their origins, how they feel, and how confident they are ahead of the competition.

Here’s what they had to say:

Home Defenders Boxing Club

The Home Defenders Boxing Club, a local staple since 1975, is poised for a significant outing this weekend. Coach John Marumo, who has been at the helm since 2010, announced that the club will be sending 12 of its 13 boxers to compete in the Youth Day tournament.

“Five of our fighters are novices, while the others are seasoned at the club and provincial levels,” Coach Marumo told the DFA. “We have been eagerly awaiting a tournament like this, as there hasn’t been enough boxing activity recently.”

The coach emphasised the importance of the event for the athletes, both male and female. “Our boxers are hungry to fight and gain invaluable experience. This tournament is a much-needed opportunity for them to showcase and develop their skills,” he added.

The Home Defenders Boxing Club, under Marumo’s leadership, continues to nurture local talent, providing a platform for aspiring boxers to thrive.

Freedom Boxing Club

Raymond Mothobi, chairperson of the Freedom Boxing Club, proudly said that the club has been running for 25 years, emphasising its enduring legacy and commitment to excellence.

“We aim to ensure that Freedom Boxing Club is recognised as the best boxing club and that our boxers stand out as the best on competition day,” Mothobi declared.

He expressed particular optimism about two promising athletes: Junior Molale, competing in the 48-kilogramme weight class, and female boxer Bonolo Obusitswe, who will fight in the 44-kilogramme category.

“We are excited to showcase the talent and dedication of our club,” Mothobi said.

Just Do It Boxing Club

Andries Pethe, a former professional boxer and current coach of the Just Do It Boxing Club in Kimberley, shared his enthusiasm ahead of this weekend’s tournament in Roodepan. Reflecting on the club’s 15-year journey, Pethe stated, “I really want to see my boys excel this weekend, just as I’ve trained them to.”

Pethe plans to bring a contingent of eight to 10 boxers to the event, expressing high expectations for their performance.

“I have young boxers who are going to do well, and I expect a lot from them,” he said confidently. Pethe is anticipating a strong showing, predicting two or three knockouts during the tournament.

Platinum Boxing Fitness

Ryan Clarke, owner and coach of Platinum Boxing Fitness, said that his club has been running for the last five years.

“I have 11 active boxers, but I will send only one boxer. The reason for that is that five of my boxers will be competing in the nationals at the end of this month, and I don’t want them to get injured. My other boxers are still being prepped and are not yet at that level to compete.

“The boxer I am sending is Wafeeq Luthi, an elite boxer who is 20 years old and will box in the flyweight division. I have high hopes for him; in his last two fights, he won by knockout, so a win for the club will mean a lot.”

New Champions Boxing Academy

Brad Delport, Chairperson and coach of New Champions Boxing Academy, proudly announced that junior boxer Landon Marais will compete in the Youth Day Boxing Tournament.

Marais, who competes in the 54 kilogramme weight category, boasts an impeccable record with five wins, four of which were achieved by knockout or technical knockout.

“I expect Landon to come back with top honours from this tournament,” Delport told the DFA. “I am confident he will be selected for the provincial team in August.”

Additionally, Delport has three other boxers preparing for the nationals, including a promising female boxer. To ensure their readiness and avoid the risk of injury, they will not be competing at this weekend’s Youth Day tournament.

Tsantsabana Boxing Club

Since taking the helm of Tsantsabana Boxing Club in 2016, Lungisa Mntumni has been committed to fostering young talent and preparing his boxers for competition. As both coach and chairperson, Mntumni is now gearing up to send a team of around 10 promising fighters to the upcoming tournament in Roodepan.

“Preparations are well under way,” Mntumni reported. “I have three boys who qualified for nationals at the end of this month, but I’ve decided to keep them back to prevent any injuries before the big event.”

Despite the relative inexperience of many of the boxers he is sending, Mntumni remains optimistic about their potential. “Most of the boxers are new to the sport, but they show great promise. This tournament will be a valuable opportunity for them to gain experience,” he added.

Under Mntumni’s guidance, Tsantsabana Boxing Club is poised to make a strong showing, with hopes of building a foundation for future success.

Rusty Gloves Combat Academy

Russell Bindeman, the owner of Rusty Gloves Combat Academy, proudly announced that the academy has been operational for just over a year.

“We will be sending three boxers to the upcoming event,” Bindeman revealed. “All three of these boxers will be competing for the first time. The boys are in top shape, have trained rigorously, and possess a solid foundation.

“This tournament will serve as a benchmark, allowing them to measure their skills against other competitors and identify areas for improvement,” Bindeman added.

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