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City gears up for fitness fest

“We only have an elite division as we focus on the best of the best”

The 2020 Bazinga Brawl, an elite Individual fitness competition, will be hosted by Bazinga Health and Fitness at their gym facility in Fabricia road.

The aim of the ‘Crossfit-style’ competition is to find the fittest athlete over the course of three days, and spectators will be treated to the best of the best doing their best for three action-packed days.


An athlete’s briefing kicks off proceedings in the morning, whereafter the competition proper starts at 3pm with the first of the series of challenges, or ‘events’, that will lead up to Sunday’s final.

This year athletes will be competing over three days. The different events are a combination of endurance, weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming and usually two surprise elements that the athletes have to overcome.

This year’s local title is up for grabs as the winner of last year’s competition will not be around to defend his crown in Kimberley this weekend. Current title-holder, Bruno Calha, moved to KwaZulu-Natal soon after his nuptials late last year.

DeWet Steyn chief organiser and owner of Bazinga Health and Fitness told the DFA that all aspects of fitness are tested in the Bazinga Brawl; cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination, speed, power, balance, strength, agility and accuracy.

He said that each event is scored according to how the athletes perform and each athlete gets a placing in each event. Some events are worth 100 points and others 50, so there are plenty of opportunities to make a comeback in your favourite events.

The athlete with the most points at the end of the weekend wins the competition.

Steyn said that the competition is not for everyone. “We only have an elite division as we focus on the best of the best,” he said.

Quite a large number of athletes registered by ‘competing’ online for this annual event, according to Steyn and they will be looking to crown the fittest candidates at the end of the weekend.

Steyn explained that the online qualifiers, where athletes had to submit video recordings of themselves completing certain set events, took place early in January.

The top 10 athletes received an invitation to compete at this weekend’s main event in the city.

He said that there would be athletes from Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Bethlehem and three from Kimberley competing for the top prize.

And all the pain and sweat will be worth it. Besides the bragging rights, the champion will walk away with R15 000 in cash as well as a trophy and a Nutritech sports hamper. The second-place competitor receives a not-too-shabby R7 000 with a Nutritech sports hamper, while the athlete that comes in third rakes in R3 000 also with a Nutritech sports hamper.

Ticket prices

One-day pass: R10

Two-day pass: R50

Three-day pass: R60

2020 Bazinga Brawl Schedule


(10am): Athletes’ briefing, (3pm): Event 1, (5.15pm): Event 2, (7pm): Event 3


(9am): Event 4, (2.30pm): Event 5, (4.05pm): Event 6, (6pm): Event 7


(9am): Event 8, (11am): Finals,

(1pm): Prizegiving

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