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Cape Town City make slick deals on quality talent during January transfer window


The Citizens often make their biggest transfer steals during the January transfer window, writes Sizwe Mbebe.

Smart signing: Namibia No.10 Menelik Tjiueza, left, will make his way to Cape Town City. Picture: Ryan Wilkisky, BackpagePix

There’s something that Cape Town City knows that we don’t about January.

The Citizens often make their biggest transfer steals during the January transfer window.

Idumba Fasika and Lorenzo Gordinho are just some of the key signings City made in the January windows, while the dynamic Darwin González also arrived during this period. Ex-ace Edmilson Dove is another one that was signed in January.

This year, they’ve announced young Emile Witbooi and Namibia’s No.10 Menelik Tjiueza.

The 15-year-old Witbooi, the son of Cape Town Spurs’ Surprise Ralani, has won over the whole of South Africa with his skills.

He could’ve joined any team but he chose to continue his development with City, he seems to be enjoying life there in that DDC team.

SA winger: Khanya Leshabela. Picture: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

The Citizens are now frontrunners to sign former SA youth international Khanya Leshabela. The England-based winger was on the books of Leicester City, where he had been since he was a youngster.

It’s a difficult time to find available players in January. It’s often desperate or struggling teams that make moves during the festive season. A lot of the players are unwanted at the clubs they’re at and as a result, arrive with a lot of issues, and could be unfit because of a lack of game-time.

City have been either lucky or smart to find players who make a big impact on their team.

Some of the players have been their biggest game-changers, helping them turn their season around.

Cape Town Spurs, meanwhile, have their faults, but their complaint about the Moroka Swallows situation needs to be taken seriously.

Young star: Emile Witbooi, 15. Picture: Cape Town City/ Facebook

What’s happening at Swallows is a real concern because it’s affecting players in the worst way, their earnings and doing what they’re supposed to, playing football.

People laughed at Spurs for the detailed email they sent to the PSL after Swallows failed to pitch up for two matches following their players’ decision to strike because of non-payment of salaries.

A lot of people didn’t even look at the details of the letter they sent to the league before reacting.

We have a huge problem with SA football mense who don’t read properly. People were writing stuff like “Spurs must focus on their relegation problems and stay out of our business”.

Some people immediately assumed Spurs wanted to save their status and get Swallows relegated. For whatever reason, people didn’t seem to care that Spurs were speaking as a member and stakeholder of the PSL.

Spurs are one of the few legacy teams still in the PSL despite all the challenges they have faced.

They even did time in the NFD and finally made their way back to the top flight.I have never heard of players not being paid at Ikamva. I don’t know, maybe my brain is failing me, but I really can’t remember any issues about player payments at Ikamva.

They have earned the right to speak up and ask questions when another member team doesn’t fulfill their obligations to players.

The PSL and SA football in 
general is filled with overnight 
millionaires who come into the game not understanding what it costs to play with the big boys.

It’s not normal that a club fires their whole squad of players – like Swallows did earlier in the month – for going on strike because of non-payments.

We obviously need to allow Swallows to sort themselves out, but we have to note just how much negative attention they have brought on the PSL as a brand and organisation.

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