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Zondo reports will be processed by Rules Committee in Parliament


The Secretary to the National Assembly said the Rules Committee will make a determination on how the matters will be dealt with.

MPs during a recent sitting. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency (ANA)

CAPE TOWN – How the Zondo Commission reports into state capture will be handled will be decided by the Rules Committee in Parliament.

This emerged after some parties questioned the process that will be followed in handling the reports that have already been released by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and the final report that is due soon.

Justice Zondo has already issued reports into Eskom, Bosasa and other entities of the state where some politicians have been fingered.

In one of the reports on Bosasa it implicated senior parliamentarians, and the ethics committee has been tasked to deal with those cases.

The Secretary to the National Assembly, Masibulele Xaso, told the programming committee on Thursday that there will be processes to be followed in dealing with the Zondo reports and the final report.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to table his implementation plan once the final report has been released by Zondo.

The action plan will then be given to Parliament by Ramaphosa.

Xaso said in instances where urgent action was required, implicated officials will be referred to the ethics committee.

House chairperson Cedric Frolick and National Council of Provinces member Winnie Ngwenya have already been referred to the committee.

Former MPs have been left out of the scope of Parliament because they are no longer part of the national legislature.

Xaso said that for other parts of the reports and the final report, the research unit of Parliament was busy sifting through the evidence.

“The research office is going through all the parts of the reports that are in the public domain, just to process them and arrange them such, that when the time comes for matters to be referred to committees, that is able to happen. Now this committee has dispatched that when we get to the time when the final report is released and the implementation plan that will then go to the Rules Committee.

“The Rules Committee will then make a determination in terms of how the issues will be dealt with, whether they should be dealt with by the respective committees, or there should be an ad hoc committee. The Rules Committee will deal with that,” said Xaso.

However, urgent matters will be attended to before that.

The Zondo Commission is expected to release the final report in the next few weeks after Justice Zondo asked for an extension.

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