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Zodwa confirms Sars is chasing her after Lamborghini reveal


Zodwa Wabantu has confirmed that she received a message from Sars following her alleged recent purchase of a Lamborghini Aventador.

Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

Sultry dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu has confirmed that she received a message from South African Revenue Service (Sars) following her alleged recent purchase of a Lamborghini.

Speaking to IOL Entertainment on Wednesday, Zodwa said she was shocked to receive a “letter of demand” from Sars after she posted a video celebrating what looked like her making a purchase of the Lamborghini Aventador, worth over R8 million.

“I am meeting with my accountant this afternoon at 2pm.

“I’m not educated, so I just forwarded him the SMS, so he can advise me accordingly,” explains Zodwa.

The “Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored” star added that she is not in the position to confirm nor deny the purchase of the luxury ride.

“My accountant will advise me on the way forward,” she said.

The news came after Kenny Kunene told Daily Sun that Sars is after Zodwa after the big reveal of the luxury Italian sports car.

“Zodwa has decided not to buy the car anymore because after she posted the video she got a call from Sars demanding to meet with her,” Kunene said.

The controversial businessman turned politician said Zodwa thought that Sars’s message was instigated by her possible purchase of the multi-million rand ride.

“It is said that in this country, you can’t freely celebrate getting yourself anything without anyone hovering around you,” added Kunene.

This week, Zodwa was in high spirits when she posted a video clip on social media showcasing her new set of wheels, which was wrapped in a red ribbon.

Fans took to social media to commend the entertainer on her work ethic and hard work.

One Instagram user asked Zodwa if she was purchasing the car because of her booming egg business.

“Is this profit from the eggs business?”, asked IG user BrandonTheDon.

In December, the reality TV star announced she would be selling eggs and live chickens under her brand.

Soon after announcing her new business venture, the star made another jaw-dropping announcement a few weeks ago when she announced that she is now a politician and a proud member of the Patriotic Alliance party, which was formed by Kunene.

Kunene took to Instagram earlier in the month, where he revealed in a video that he was excited to welcome Zodwa to the party.

“I believe in Zodwa, as a leader in her own right, and her helping the poor qualifies her to be involved in the politics of the PA which is to genuinely change the lives of our people,” wrote Kunene.