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Young Cape Town mother accuses student doctor of cracking newborn baby’s skull


It is believed the baby girl died when a student doctor allegedly cracked the newborn's skull during birth.

TRAUMA: Community worker Gladys Jones consoles grieving young mother Yulice Francis, 20

Cape Town – A young Hanover Park mother is heartbroken after her baby girl died when a student doctor allegedly cracked the newborn’s skull during birth.

First-time mom Yulice Francis, 20, said she’d been preparing for months for the arrival of her daughter, Gianna-Lee, but her joyous day turned out to be heartbreaking.

The tragic incident occurred at Mowbray Maternity Hospital last week.

She said on 19 June, she went into labour while at home, and felt scared yet excited as it would be her first time giving birth.

“It was after 8pm and we went to Hanover Park Day Hospital when the pains started,” she said.

“When I got there, they said I was one centimetre dilated and they told me I must get on the bed. They told me I must push so I did.

“Then the doctor told me I am going to Mowbray but never said anything about a C-Section.”

She was transported to Mowbray Maternity Hospital and taken immediately to a delivery room where she was placed in stirrups.

“They put my legs on poles so I can push. I tried and tried and pushed but the child couldn’t come out.

“Her head was near the entrance but she couldn’t come out,” she cried.

She said a female student doctor placed forceps inside her vagina to get the baby out.

“She told me to push and push and then she fetched something that looked like metal spoons and drukked  (pushed) it in me and pulled and pulled. The third time it got stuck in me.”

She said the doctor resorted to a C-Section but as Gianna-Lee was removed she got a shock to she see her baby’s head broken.

“I saw the head and a mark on her cheek. They told me the child is not in a right condition but never told me the cause,” said a crying Yulice.

“They put her on a ventilator and put ice around her head and told me the brain was swollen. They gave me no explanation and no paperwork but I could see her heart beating.

“After two days they put the machine off and I asked them to wait till my mommy comes.”

Yulice and her boyfriend, Gio Lomond, 20, want answers from the Health Department who they have accused of negligence.

“They are to blame; why didn’t they do the C-Section then the child would have been OK but they pulled her out with that thing and broke her skull,” said Yulice.

HealthDepartment spokesperson Natalie Watlington did not answer any questions relating to the child’s death: “Management of Mowbray Maternity Hospital are engaging with the family. Our heartfelt condolences.”

But the grieving couple said they have not heard from the hospital.

Gianna-Lee will be laid to rest this week

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