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You may have a fine and you don’t even know it


ASOD is watching you …

Johannesburg – Do you regularly travel above the speed limit? It’s a good time to point out that ASOD is watching you.

If you spent any time on the roads during your holiday, there’s a chance you may have incurred a fine without even knowing it.

According to Fines SA, a service that checks and manages any outstanding fines that you may have incurred knowingly, or unknowingly, average-speed-over-distance fines are piling up around the country.

The flashing of a camera light used to be our way of knowing to expect a fine in the mail, but modern speed measurement technology means you might be caught off guard. You may not be aware of fines you have incurred due to the average speed over distance system known as ASOD.

So what is ASOD?

“Average Speed Over Distance” or ASOD refers to a system whereby the average speed of a vehicle is calculated from the time it passes the first camera until it passes the second camera. The average speed is then determined by measuring the time it has taken a vehicle to travel from point A to point B. Reaching point B in a time shorter than determined by the distance and the speed limit means that the driver was speeding.

How to check your status

Fines SA can see what fines you may have; send them your name, email, ID number and cell number so they can send you a report. Fill in the form, visitwww.finesSA.co.za

or email [email protected]


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