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WTF is Stage 6 load shedding?


This is the first time Stage 6 has been implemented.

Cape Town – “WTF is Stage 6?”

This was the common reaction shared by many South Africans on Monday evening when Eskom implemented Stage 6 load shedding for the first time.

The extensive power cuts came after Eskom started the day with Stage 2 load shedding, before moving to Stage 4 at around 10am, and ending with the announcement that Stage 6 would kick in at 6pm.

“We regret and sincerely apologise that stage 4 loadshedding will move to Stage 6 loadshedding as from 18:00 today, as a result of a shortage of capacity. This follows a technical problem at Medupi Power Station impacting additional generation supply. The heavy rains has caused coal handling and operational problems at several power stations,” Eskom said.

“Stage 6 requires 6000MW to be rotationally loadshed.”

Many South Africans took to social media in disbelief that Stage 6 had been implemented, as well as sharing their confusion as many of their apps and only had information on load shedding stages 1-4.

In typical fashion, South Africans dealt with their frustrations the only way they knew how – humour:

What in the fresh Hell is#Stage6 Loadshedding?pic.twitter.com/bHwYd1QiwZ

β€” Marco Cocomello (@Cocomelts)December 9, 2019

Wtf is stage 6 load shedding 😭

β€” Az (@azraa_v)December 9, 2019

WTF even is load shedding stage 6???

I’m expecting a boss fight at stage 10.

β€” Steven Tu πŸšƒ Playtopia (@Tuism)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 load shedding is when they come into your house and blow out the candles

β€” β™‘ (@bronwynclane)December 9, 2019

this group of white girls in front of me are talking about how load shedding isn’t even that bad because “regardless of stage 4 or 6 we don’t even feel it by us, there’s really no difference” and walahi I’m about to rol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

β€” 𝔩𝔒𝔱’𝔰 𝔑𝔬 𝔦𝔱 π”Ÿπ”žπ”Ÿπ”Ά (@fatimasvogue)December 10, 2019

Johannesburg views before and after Eskom implements Stage 6 load shedding πŸ˜….pic.twitter.com/MfaKaLnHTC

β€” Amil Umraw (@Amil_Umraw)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 is a reminder that load shedding has more stages than your relationship.

β€” Koshiek Karan (@iamkoshiek)December 9, 2019

All the babies born during stage 6 load shedding are gonna grow in to Bane.

β€” iman krumpert (@TefoWritesStuff)December 9, 2019

stage 6 load shedding is when eskom sends people to your home to physically pull out the plugs

β€” 🌊 (@Yazzy2102)December 9, 2019

Can someone please tell me what to expect for Stage 6 load shedding and also what happened to Stage 5? Do I need to worry about Eskom’s numeracy skills as well?

β€” This is a Sham (@Shamz04)December 9, 2019

Eskom employees beating your ass for lighting candles at stage 6 load shedding.pic.twitter.com/Gaae8wewVA

β€” Sbwl… (@SiveDaniels)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 load shedding is when the light in Tony Stark’s chest goes out.

β€” Benzoylmethylecgonine Fiend (@Rilez31)December 9, 2019

rugby world cup: won

miss universe: crowned

stage 6 load shedding: unlocked

festive: πŸ₯΄

β€” lylesyn (@_lylesyn)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 Load Shedding. 🀑pic.twitter.com/6CM3Slf7jK

β€” Mohale Motaung πŸ₯‡ (@mohale_motaung)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 load shedding is where I listen to Sparks by Coldplay in memory of the light that once was

β€” Nazeer Erasmus (@NazeerErasmus)December 9, 2019

Stage 6 load shedding ? Might as well put the sun off πŸ˜•

β€” rebecca henderson (@hendo_becca)December 9, 2019

Lmfao the App that I have wasn’t configured to include stage 6 load shedding, e fella ka 5

β€” Petyr🌼 (@Tlharantlhope_)December 9, 2019

Thoughts and prayers to the providers of load shedding alert apps desperately trying to figure out what the fuck stage 6 is while buckling under sudden demand.

β€” Panda (@geoff_ink)December 9, 2019

I’m scared to get my hair cut now what if#EskomBlackouts happen right in the middle of my cut.pic.twitter.com/fkl4CQRyqb

β€” Lovethelibra2 (@lovethelibra)December 10, 2019

We really jumped from stage 4 to stage 6 loadshedding over night? πŸ˜•

β€” Peachie (@_Soulstress)December 10, 2019

Good morning survivors of Stage 6. Ni right?pic.twitter.com/sRs0EvBWmZ

β€” Ndavhe Ramakuela (@ndavher)December 10, 2019

Stage 8 load shedding is when even the sun will not rise upon South Africa.

We are at fault for putting a capitalist at the helm of our country, what matters is him being rich and rich and rich

β€” Unbothered 😏 (@ja6u1ani)December 10, 2019

No electricity, no sunlight, no moonlight, no stars… just darkness… Eskom has done it… Stage 6 Loadshedding 99% complete… Stage 8 they’ll be taking our sight#Loadshedding#Stage6pic.twitter.com/NTIobPkpB2

β€” Dumisani (@Dumisani_July)December 9, 2019


β€” Candy 🍭 (@TheRealFhumu_M)December 10, 2019

Can’t believe this works….#Stage6pic.twitter.com/wJJTxasOWr

β€” Bazil the Bulldog (@BaziltheBulldog)December 9, 2019

This is Stage 6 loadshedding. If you think its a joke; people of Gauteng when last did you see the sun or moon?#stage6loadshedding#Eskom#medupi#stage6pic.twitter.com/ZqDfAfFOE9

β€” Henzo (@FelizMcChanj)December 9, 2019

Aii they can skip Stage 6 and go straight to Stage 92,at this point I don’t care anymorepic.twitter.com/rvFbwQG9ck

β€” H O P E Y πŸ’• (@Shes_fair)December 9, 2019

South Africa beginning of the decade vs the end of the decade#Loadshedding#stage6#eskompic.twitter.com/tF8EgE7NV7

β€” James Vermont (@JamesVermont1)December 9, 2019

Guys if they can skip to#stage6 just like that from Stage 4 does that mean that it can go to Stage 8 and activate The Purge?#eskompic.twitter.com/8i4lq0IUD5

β€” The Wolfman 🐺 (@Spenelo)December 9, 2019

#Stage6 loadshedding from#EskomπŸ™†πŸΎβ€β™€οΈat this point they’ll be drawing energy from our relationshipspic.twitter.com/C00xndVqEP

β€” πŸ‘‘ Kelly 🌹 (@KellyBuys7)December 9, 2019

God knew we’d too powerful as a nation if we also had electricity#Loadshedding#stage6loadsheddinghttps://t.co/kprhN6lN3k

β€” 𝑨𝒏𝒅𝒓𝒆𝒂 ✧*:.q. (@LIBRAMO0N)December 9, 2019

Does anyone here know what miss universe wins? Can we ask#ZoziTunzi to ask if her prize can be a power station? We need a practical prize fam!#stage6loadshedding#stage6pic.twitter.com/rYKgrtNODc

β€” Scelo Nciki (@Scubakae1)December 9, 2019

Here is a look at all theΒ load shedding schedulesΒ for the country.

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