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‘Why I assaulted pregnant woman’


The man now intends to file crimen injuria charges after the woman allegedly called him the k-word.

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Cape Town – The man who allegedly assaulted Bianca Fourie has revealed his side of the story and intends to file a charge of crimen injuria after she allegedly called him the k-word.

“The altercation with this woman begun when she blocked the way of several cars to the irritation of the drivers behind her. It was at this point that a screaming confrontation ensued between the woman and occupants of a car in front of us,” said Romeo Makhubela in a statement.

“During this period the woman was hurling insults at the black occupants in that car. After parking, my mistake was when I confronted the woman and asked her how she could hurl such insults in front of children. What I was not fully prepared for was that she would turn her rage against me with a barrage of racial slurs. At first I was taken aback but when she unceasingly referred to me as a ‘k****r’ and ‘poephol’ in front of my children and followed me to Steers. I was overcome by anger and slapped her on the face.” 

“After dropping my children at home I proceeded to the Honeydew Police Station where I opened a case of crimen injuria even though I had no idea as to the identity of the woman. I subsequently also proceeded to lay a complaint of racism with the equality court.”

Eight-months pregnant Fourie, the daughter of Krugersdorp Freedom Front Plus councillor Amanda de Lange, was reportedly assaulted by Makhubela at a Steers outlet in Featherbrook Village, West Rand.

De Lange, who posted a video of the incident on social media, said her daughter had bruises on her upper body and her pregnant belly after the assault.

“Is dit hoe bang ‘n vooraanstaande CEO van verskeie finansiële firmas in SA optree… sy jong seuntjie langs hom – met sy eie oë aanskou hoe pa ‘n vrou slaan in die publiek.. ek ruik ‘n rot. Iets gee my die idee dit was nie die eerste keer nie,” she said on Facebook.

De Lange told Roodepoort Northsider that Makhubela assaulted Bianca inside and outside the Steers restaurant and claimed the man became angry because Bianca pointed at him.

According to numerous reports, Makhubela has since been suspended from his position as chief executive officer at Novare Consultants after the incident and a probe has been launched by the company.