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WATCH: The Kiffness song about Shell’s seismic blasting

David Scott aka The Kiffness has written a song for Shell. Picture: Supplied

David Scott aka The Kiffness has has called for South Africans to rally against Shell’s seismic blasting on the Wild Coast using the hashtags #ToHellWithShell and #SaveTheWildCoast.

SOUTH African musician and parody artist, David Scott, also known as The Kiffness wrote a song about Shell ’s seismic survey along the wild coast in the Eastern Cape.

A Song for Shell Oil is his ’reimagined’ version of John Lennon’s famous Imagine. Scott said he was calling for them to save South Africa’s Wild Coast.

He shared his rendition of Lennon’s hit in a video on his social media platforms. The video, which shows him singing with videos of marine life being injured. The video also included snapshots of some of the protests held in South Africa against the Dutch company’s seismic blasting.

Scott captioned his Facebook post:

“Today, Dutch Oil company, Shell, have started an oil finding exercise called “seismic blasting” along South Africa’s untouched Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape.”

He added:

“Every 10 seconds, 24 hrs a day, for the next 5 months straight, Shell will blast air guns into the Wild Coast sea at incredibly high decibel levels, which will likely disrupt, injure & kill many of the Wild Coast’s diverse array of sea animals. We can’t allow this to happen.”

In the first few lines of Imagine (Reimagined), Scott sings:

“Imagine no seismic blasting

It’s easy if you try

No Shell on the Wild Coast

And no government ties

Imagine all the creatures,

Living in the sea”

Scott also pleaded with South African citizens to object to the seismic blasting and to make their voices heard. Scott used the hashtags #ToHellWithShell and #SaveTheWildCoast

The Shell seismic vessel, the Amazon Warrior, was set to begin work on Wednesday. Four environmental and human rights organisations, supported by environmental law firm, Cullinan & Associates filed an urgent interim-interim interdict against Shell in the Eastern Cape Division of the Grahamstown High Court to prevent Shell from commencing seismic testing.

The matter is currently before the Makanda High Court.

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