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Watch: #TazneVanWyk murder: Emotions run high as suspect appears


Emotions are expected to run high when the man accused of the kidnapping and murder of 8-year old Tazne van Wyk appears in court this morning.

Cape Town – Emotions are running high as the man accused of the kidnapping and murder of 8-year old Tazne van Wyk is due to appear in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court in Cape Town on Friday morning.

Moyhdian Pangarker 54, was arrested on Monday night in Cradock, Eastern Cape, about 800km away from Cape Town.

He was transferred to Cape Town after he briefly appeared in the Cradock Magistrate’s court on Tuesday, where he later led police to a stormwater drain in Worcester, where Tazne’s body was found.

Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said the suspect, who according to witness accounts, was the last person to be seen with the child was believed to have been hiding in the town.

After the news of Tazne’s death came to light on Thursday morning, angry neighbours, friends, relatives and classmates of hers gathered outside her home demanding justice to be served.

Some community members cried as they stood outside Tazne’s home.

Tazne, a Grade 3 learner from Eurecon Primary School, disappeared on February 7 after leaving home for a shop, a short distance away from her home.

Attention immediately focused on the suspect, a convicted killer and child abuser, who was last seen with Tazne. He recently moved into the area after being released on parole.

The grieving family believe her death could have been prevented if the police had done their job properly from the first “even before the suspect ran to the Eastern Cape”.

Eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk

Meanwhile, Tazne’s mother, Carmen van Wyk, is receiving treatment for shock in hospital.

Her grandmother, Thereasa Manual, said an example must be made out of him (the suspect), so that it would never happen in any community again.

“We are all heartbroken, including the people who were looking for her and assisted us.

“On Wednesday, we all had the hope that she was alive and that she was somewhere,” Manual said.

Tazne’s father, Terrence Manual, had no words to say as anger and grief was written on his face.

His sister, Samantha Viljoen, said everyone was guilty, referring to those who had a hand in freeing the suspect from jail.

Crying uncontrollably she asked, “who is next after Tazne?”

“We wouldn’t have gone through this if they kept him in jail. He wasn’t in there for robbery but for rape and murder, and then they still let a man like that out. Why must we, as taxpayers, pay to keep him in jail? Is that fair Mr President?,” Viljoen asked.

“How many more children must still die; why don’t they bring back the death penalty?,” she asked, as tears filled her eyes.

Moyhdian Pangarker, 54, will appear in court on Friday.

Potelwa said further interviewing of the suspect by detectives led to the gruesome discovery of the body of the child in a stormwater pipe outside Worcester on Wednesday evening.

“He will be charged with murder and is expected to appear in the Goodwood Magistrate’s court on Friday (today).”

Potelwa said as the investigation unfolded, the possibility of the suspect facing additional charges could not be ruled out.

Community Safety MEC Albert Fritz said his department was in the process of activating the court watching brief unit which would monitor the case for any inefficiencies relating to the police investigation, ensuring that the case is not struck off the court roll.

The purpose of the Court Watching Briefs is to exercise the province’s constitutional mandate to monitor police conduct and to oversee the efficiency and effectiveness of the SAPS.

Members of the Watching Briefs Unit attend courts to observe the procedures in court in order to detect inefficiencies of the police.

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