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WATCH: After 7 days of rain, floods relief is on the way for Tshwane


The weather is expected to clear from tomorrow.

Pretoria – City of Tshwane residents may get some sun and relief from the wet weather on Wednesday as the rain is expected to subside during the course of the day.

A good amount of residents said they would celebrate the change in weather and were already missing the heat that gave way to the aggressive rainy weather.

SA Weather Service forecaster William Ntsunanga said the weather is expected to clear from Wednesday and it will be different from the wet weather that’s been experienced lately.

“On Wednesday there will be isolated thunderstorms and a 30% chance of rain across Gauteng province. 

“On Thursday there is no rain expected in Gauteng or Tshwane, but a 30% chance of rain for Friday and the rest of the weekend.”

Flood water still rages outside the Centurion Hotel. Video: James Mahlokwane

However, as things stand, some low lying bridges like at the intersection of Rabie and End Streets in Centurion remained closed due to flash flooding. 

Motorists had to find alternative routes as the water was still flowing rapidly.

Manuel Green said he didn’t expect the flooding to continue. 

“It’s really scary and crazy when you’re a resident of Centurion and the routes you use daily are flooded like this. 

“Centurion is a beautiful place to live but let’s admit, we’ve got some serious problems where nature is concerned. 

“If it’s not violent floods it’s sinkholes and if it’s not that we’re complaining about the Centurion Lake and how filthy and smelly it has been.”

On the other hand, some low lying areas have actually cleared up nicely and are safe for motorists to drive on. 

These include the road under the Irene bridge near the BP Service Station. 

The place is a hotspot for trapping flood water during heavy rains and many cars have been stuck there before.

Meanwhile, flood water remained heavy and deep just outside the Centurion Hotel where guests were trapped and rescued by helicopters from the SANDF on Monday. 

The flood water flows down stream under the building and into the Centurion Lake next to the hotel.

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