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Viral McDonald’s rat video divides Tweeps


Is it true or has been heavily doctored to discredit the popular food brand?

Screengrabs from the video being shared on social media Twitter

The Twitter streets are divided over whether a video showing rats inside a McDonald’s kitchen is true or is the over-editing handiwork of some bored person. 

The video, which was shared on Monday, is apparently taken by a customer, waiting for their meal in the drive-thru section of the popular eatery. It’s unclear where or when the video was shot.
As the customer waits, they zoom into the kitchen where a rat is seen balancing on the rim of a cup. A person, believed to be an employee, screams and the rodent flees. 
The video then cuts to another clip of about four rats standing near a bucket of chips. There is a water bucket nearby and three of the rats are balancing on the edge of the bucket. 
The 29-second clip has already been seen more than 13 000 times on Twitter and retweeted more than 130 times. However, there are those who have raised suspicion over whether the clip is real or has been doctored. 
Some of the Twitterratti have dismissed the video as “old” and “boring”.

McDonald’s has yet to respond to a media query about the video.