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Toddler mauled by leopard in Mpumalanga


Animals were not desperate and it was probably opportunistic on the part of the adult leopard.

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JOHANNESBURG, June 7 (ANA) – A two-year-old girl who was mauled by a leopard on Wednesday will be laid to rest on Sunday in Mkhuhlu in Mpumalanga province, the South African National Parks (SANParks) said.

Courtney Ntimane was rushed to the nearest hospital after being attacked at the Malelane living quarters but succumbed to her injuries.

“Two leopards were shot in the immediate vicinity of the scene; an adult female and a sub-adult female and they both correspond with reports from eyewitnesses,” SANParks said.

The entity said a postmortem on the leopards revealed they were in good condition with good teeth and no obvious injuries prior to death.

“The adult female was carrying a lot of body fat, but with an empty gut and the youngster also was in great condition with fresh impala in its stomach,” SANParks said

“This means that they were not desperate animals, and it probably was opportunistic instinct on the part of the adult.”

SANParks reassured visitors and other stakeholders visiting the Kruger National Park that the area was safe as long as they observed rules and regulations when within it, particularly by not illegally feeding animals.

“SANParks strongly discourages people from doing such as these wild animals lose their fear of humans and venture into these areas,” said SANParks.

– African News Agency (ANA)