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They wanted to get married when lockdown was lifted … instead they died days apart


Engaged Durban couple die of Covid-19 days apart.

Sumantha Moodley and Rakesh Singh who were engaged to be married died within days of each other from Covid-19. Picture: Supplied

Durban – A Reservoir Hills couple, who wanted to get married when the lockdown was lifted, died of Covid-19 within days of each other.

Rakesh Singh, 46, unemployed, and Sumantha Moodley, 40, who worked in the hotel industry, got engaged a few years ago and shared a home.

Moodley’s cousin, Kiora Govender, said: “They were excited about tying the knot in a Hindu ceremony. Sumantha was the rock in our family. She brought everyone together to celebrate birthdays and special holidays like Christmas.”

Govender said Moodley died on December 21.

“Rakesh also contracted the virus soon after Sumantha. His relatives from Johannesburg took him to their home to care for him but he died on Christmas Day.”

Govender said the festive season would never be the same for their family.

“It used to be filled with warm memories but now when we think back, it will be filled with sadness and sorrow. Losing two people in a short space of time is unbearable.”

They were both cremated.


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