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Soldier shoots and kills armed civilian during violent clash in Mpumalanga


People assaulting a man they accused of crime attacked police officers and soldiers who had arrived at the scene to rescue the man and disperse angry mob.

File image. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

Johannesburg – A soldier shot and killed an armed civilian when people who were meting out mob justice to a suspect in Mpumalanga turned their anger towards soldiers and police officers who had arrived at the scene to disperse them.

The incident occurred on Saturday at at Dingledale Trust, Chochocho Village near Acornhoek.

It all started when the community confronted a man they were accusing of being a criminal and started assaulting him.

Members of the South African National Defence Force Soldiers (SANDF) and police officers got wind of what was happening and rushed to the scene to disperse the enraged crowd.

The SANDF said upon their arrival at the scene, they as well as police officers, were attacked by the angry crowd.

“In an attempt to disperse community members and calm the situation, the SAPS and SANDF were attacked by community members resulting in one member of the SANDF being stabbed with a screwdriver.

“Another person from the community who alighted from car carrying a firearm was subsequently shot during the incident. The SAPS is investigating the incident,” the SANDF said.

Brigadier Vish Naidoo of the national police said they received a complaint about  someone being assaulted by community members at Dingledale Trust where they, together with the soldiers rushed to the scene.

“On arrival, before rescuing the victim, the mob allegedly attacked the members allegedly stabbing a SANDF member in his finger with a screwdriver. Another person from the community alighted from a car allegedly holding a firearm. 

“He was shot and killed allegedly by a SANDF member.”

Naidoo said the mob also denied other officials and pathologist access to the scene to execute their duties after the shooting.

“The community started burning tyres and throwing stones at the police as well as the SANDF. The members managed the situation and officials and pathologist were then able to executed their duties.

“Both firearms, a SANDF rifle and a handgun which the deceased  civilian was allegedly carrying h ave been taken in as exhibits and will be taken for forensic investigation. Murder and assault case was opened for investigation,” Naidoo said.