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Snake rescued at Durban beach front


It is believed the black mamba may have sneaked its way into a car travelling into the city.

SAAMBR officials with the snake that was rescued at Durban’s Addington beach earlier this week. Picture: SAAMBR

Snake rescued from Durban beachfront may have sneaked its way into a car travelling into the city

Durban – It is highly possible that a female black mamba, rescued from Durban’s Addington beach yesterday afternoon, may have hitched a lift to the sea in a vehicle travelling into the city.

The over 2-metre long reptile was rescued by officials from the South African Association for Marine Research after she was spotted in the surf.

SAAMBR herpetologists Craig Smith and Lesley Labuschagne responded to the call for assistance from Metro Search and Rescue and immediately headed to the beach.

Smith said the snake was so exhausted that when they approached her, she hardly noticed them. He said she was easy to handle and was taken to uShaka Sea World where vet, Dr Francois Lampen, was standing by to assess her condition.

Kunz said the snake’s condition improved and after a fresh water rinse, a vitamin injection and some rest, she was alert and back to her feisty self.

“We are optimistic that she will fully recover within a few days when plans will be made for her release once she receives clearance from the vet,” Kunz said.

She added that the SAAMBR will liaise with KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife staff as to the most suitable release site – away from human habitation.

“We are confident that she will receive her veterinary clearance within a few days,” Kunz said.

“We can only speculate as to how she found herself on the Durban beachfront. She could possibly have been a ‘hitchhiker’ and curled herself up in a vehicle that was travelling to Durban.

“’But of course we can’t be certain. She was seen by fishermen on the peer recently,” Kunz said.

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