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Smoking on the sly almost costs man his life


The 27-year-old Boksburg man was driving in his car, taking a smoke break, when he was shot at multiple times.

Picture: Marcus Trapp/Pixabay

Johannesburg – Hiding a smoking habit from his parents nearly cost a Boksburg man his life when he was shot at multiple times while driving during a smoke break.

Kishan Moodley, 27, whose parents were not aware of his habit until he nearly died, is alleged to have climbed into his vehicle on Monday night like he normally does and drove around while smoking.

According to Boksburg North police spokesperson Constable Justice Ramaube, information they received from Moodley is that while slowly driving his VW Polo, a Ford Fiesta approached from behind.

The Ford Fiesta is alleged to have flicked his lights at Moodley.

Thinking that the Ford Fiesta would overtake him, Moodley continued to drive slowly.

However, when the Fiesta did not overtake, Moodley accelerated. When he did, the Fiesta driver shot at him several times.

Ramaube said Moodley crashed into a pavement then drove to the nearest filling station with the Fiesta still shooting at him.

The gunman allegedly got out of the car and left his vehicle at the filling station while a shaken Moodley drove himself home.

Petrol attendants called the police who then confiscated the car and traced the owner.

The man was arrested on Tuesday afternoon after Moodley went to the police station and opened a case of attempted murder.

“During preliminary investigations it was discovered that the suspect shot at Moodley about nine times and only three bullets hit his car,” Ramaube said. 

“One bullet hit the left front wheel, two got caught up on the rear bumper of which one penetrated through and grazed his lower back,” Ramaube added. 

According to Ramaube, the gunman told police that he shot at Moodley because the latter had a gun and and thought was going to hijack him.

“The suspect’s licensed firearm was confiscated for evidence records during the arrest and he was expected to appear before the Boksburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday,” Ramaube said. 

Boksburg North police station commander, Colonel Khumbulani Mbatha applauded the members of the police for bringing the suspect to book and stated that their work was ‘absolutely equal to their tasks’.  

Moodley, however,  told police that he had no gun and was smoking and that the gunman saw that.

Despite several attempts to contact Moodley, The Star could not get a hold of him and it could not be established if he had gone for medical treatment after the incident.

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