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#SiamLee Murder accused is a ‘f****** serial rapist’


A recording, adding to claims that the accused was assaulted, has been produced as evidence in court by defence attorneys.

Siam Lee

DURBAN – “Okes not a dealer. He’s just a f******* serial rapist.”

Those were said to be the words of private investigator, Brad Nathanson, apparently about the accused in the Siam Lee murder case that’s back at the Durban Magistrates court for the bail application of the accused.

The defence handed in the transcript of the recording, as well as the actual recordings, as part of the exhibits. The authenticity of the recording has however yet to be proved.

Lee, 21, was abducted from an alleged Durban North brothel on January 4.
Her charred body was discovered on a farm in New Hanover in the Natal Midlands two days later.
The accused in the case is an Assagay businessman who faces a raft of charges. These include the murder and kidnapping of Lee and the rape of another woman. Police are also investigating a number of cases of alleged fraud.

The bail application for the accused has been ongoing for several days, with the accused alleging he was assaulted.

At court on Wednesday, a recording was played by the defence team, which claimed the voice being heard was that of Brad Nathanson telling his colleague, Shaun Brits, about the accused.

Nathanson was part of the team that arrested the accused on January 18.

The authenticity of the recording is yet to be proved in court. 

The accused’s lawyer, Martin Krog, said the recording would give rise to claims that the accused was assaulted as the person speaking says the accused “confessed to that rape whilst he was wearing a KFC packet”.

In the recording, a person who the defence claimed is Nathanson, said: “Yah, he’s a prolific serial rapist and we got him with an unlicensed firearm, the same firearm he’s been using to lure the girls away or keep them under pressure and he also uses police handcuffs.”

A transcript of the recording produced by the Siam Lee accused's defence team in court.
A transcript of the recording produced by the Siam Lee accused’s defence team in court.

On Wednesday afternoon the cross-examination of the investigating officer, Warrant Officer Rajan Matthews Govender, was still ongoing.
The accused sat at the dock in a suit with a blue and white polka dot tie. As the case went on he sipped from a bottle of sparkling water and flipped through an exam pad of notes, writing as he went on.

Reacting to answers from Govender, he shook his head and laughed.

Krog said the defence would prove that the accused was treated unfairly during his arrest.

Krog intends to show that Nathanson and the police entered and searched the accused’s premises on the day of his arrest unlawfully. The bail application continues on Thursday.