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R8m Lotto winner plans to renovate his home with his windfall


He says he will not be making any lifestyle changes and will continue going to work.

Johannesburg – R8 million PowerBall PLUS jackpot winner says he plans to invest and renovate his home in Tembisa.

He also insists that he will not be making any lifestyle changes and continue his daily routine, including going to work.

“I plan to invest a significant amount of my winnings and the rest I will use to renovate my house and take my family on holiday,” he said.

A builder by profession the lucky winner who asked to remain anonymous joins the list of eight jackpot winners in two months.

This resulted in ITHUBA, which handles the lotto purse, forking out over R285 Million in jackpot prizes across the various National Lottery games.

For now, only his wife knows of his winnings. He said he avoided telling his three children fearing they might spread news and attract unnecessary attention.

“I am not planning on telling my children about my winning because I fear they might tell the rest of the community and expose me to unnecessary attention, but this coming Christmas, and I will be able to afford to buy them presents they wish,” he said.  

The new millionaire said while watching the draw on television, he recognised the numbers but was not sure if they were indeed his numbers.

“It was three days later that when I checked my ticket, which I kept in my lucky jacket, that I realised I had indeed won the jackpot,” he said.  

Head of Corporate Relations at ITHUBA Busisiwe Msizi said they were extremely happy to make another player a millionaire this festive season.

“What is more exciting is that, in the last two months, eight players have become instant millionaires through our various games.’

“This year alone, we have paid over R3,1 Billion in lottery winnings and this is a number that keeps growing daily,” she said.

She added that when they took over as the National Lottery operator, one of the promises they made was to make the lottery more exciting and create more jackpot winners.

“We are glad that we continue to make this possible for our players,” Msizi said.

The father-of-three said he stopped playing the lottery a few years back after he thought that the lottery numbers were rigged and only certain people won. And returned this year, to first win R200 which motivated him to keep playing.

PowerBall PLUS jackpot airs on Friday, November 29 on Etv.

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