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R128 million Powerball jackpot has finally been won


Two people in South Africa woke up smiling after bagging over R64 million each in Tuesday’s Powerball jackpot.

The two Powerball winners have yet to claim their cash. File picture

THE POWERBALL jackpot of R128 million has finally been won.

Two people picked the winning numbers and will each walk away with an amount of R64,460,746.18.

The Powerball rose to R128 million after 20 consecutive roll-overs.

National Lottery Ithuba said that by Wednesday morning none of the winners had come forward.

Interestingly, one person chose five correct numbers in the Powerball and will walk away with R727,672.40.

The R60 million Powerball Plus jackpot has rolled over again for the 22nd consecutive time.

The jackpot for the October 20 draw stands at an estimated R64 million.

In January, one person walked away with R72,989,769.37 in the Powerball jackpot from the January 10 draw.

This was followed by an unemployed Johannesburg mother who won a staggering R75 million for the March 17 draw.

Ithuba said the winner purchased her ticket at Spar Kingfisher.

She told Ithuba that she played the games only when she could.

Her plans to spend her winnings included buying a house and investing in her children’s education.

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