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Questions over mystery “doctor” recommended by Ramaphosa


Questions have been raised about a “bogus” doctor, who is believed to have fake qualifications and no medical experience, that President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly recommended to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

Picture: Reuters

A MYSTERIOUS doctor who President Cyril Ramaphosa had allegedly recommended Health Minister Zweli Mkhize appoint to the ministerial advisory committee on Covid-19 is believed to have bogus qualifications and no medical experience.

Three independent sources have told Independent Media that Ramaphosa recommended Dr Lindiwe Ntombiyesizwe Ringane ka Seme to Mkhize.

The 51-strong member committee, which was headed by Professor Salim Abdool Karim, was formed early this year to advise Mkhize on matters relating to the pandemic.

When Mkhize announced the advisory committee members, Dr Ringane ka Seme was named as “external advisory” on “Health and Presidency”.

A whistle-blower tipped off the Department of Health about Ringane ka Seme’s bogus qualifications shortly after the committee was announced.

A “top secret” report compiled on June 10 this year about Ringane ka Seme and seen by Independent Media states that:

* She is unlawfully in possession of two ID books, one as a man and the other as a woman and that both IDs are active;

* She is fraudulently parading herself or himself as a medical doctor;

* She isn’t registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa as a doctor; and

* She sometimes masquerades as a lawyer.

The report added that Ringane ka Seme, through her female ID, owns three cars, including a Lamborghini.

The report also suggested that Ringane ka Seme “currently serves” on the Ministerial Advisory Committees on Covid-19 as a member of the public health sub-committee.

“Due to the importance of the ministerial committee and its subcommittees, it became imperative that we establish whether or not Ringane was a qualified medical doctor, which could render efficient public health service to our society in this tragic time.

“Unfortunately, upon enquiring with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa, it was confirmed that the institution had no doctor matching the identity of Ringane on their doctors’ registry.”

The report also said the investigators contacted the Government Employees’ Medical Scheme to enquire whether or not she exists on its registry and it was discovered there was a male doctor Ringane, with a different middle name, who was born in 1978.

The doctor’s practice number and medical health centre practice number are provided in the report.

Ringane ka Seme has failed over the past two weeks to answer questions from Independent Media, which included where and when did she studied to be a doctor as well as her medical practice number and her relationship with Ramaphosa.

Ringane ka Seme is a transgender woman who was born Keith Bekisizwe Ringane in 1982.

She first made headlines in 2008 when she claimed that she was snubbed by the organisers of the Miss South Africa pageant when she wanted to enter the competition.

Independent Media has it on good authority that after Mkhize received the “top secret” report, he summoned his top officials where he tabled it and told them Ringane ka Seme came highly recommended by Ramaphosa.

Mkhize’s spokesperson Dr Lwazi Manzi failed to answer questions sent to her on Friday which included whether or not Ramaphosa recommended Ringane ka Seme to the health minister for appointment to the advisory committee.

Ramaphosa’s acting spokesperson, Tyrone Seale, initially promised to “ask around” as he wasn’t “familiar with the issues” we raised in the questions sent to him. Those included the nature of the relationship between the president and Ringane ka Seme, but Seale later referred us to the ministerial advisory committee for answers.

Mkhize disbanded the ministerial advisory committee last month and it is alleged that some of the members had openly disagreed on how he was dealing with the pandemic.

He has recently reconstituted a new committee.