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Price of eggs, milk and cheese increase


But the price of bread, mealie-meal and chicken has dropped.

Cape Town – Consumers are paying more for eggs, milk and cheese today than they did a month ago, but less for bread, mealie-meal and chicken, according to the weekly essential products price index from Stats SA.

Chief director of Price Statistics Patrick Kelly said: “Milk, eggs and cheese products showed price increases of 0.2% in the last week of April and 2.8% over the month.”

The report covers the fifth week of the lockdown, ending on April 30.

Kelly said: “The monthly increase was mainly due to a large increase in the price of eggs (19.8%), almost all in the first week and of cheese spread (6.8%). Cheddar cheese prices increased by 3.9% in the last week but decreased by 0.8% over the month.

“Bread and cereal prices decreased by 0.6% in the last week of the month to show a -0.5% change over the four weeks. Products showing the largest four week change were rice (-4%) and cake flour (6.8%).

“South Africa’s main staple, mealie-meal, ended the month with prices 0.1% lower than the end of March,” said Kelly.

“Prices for meat products decreased by 1% over April. There was substantial variation between different meat products, with beef generally increasing and chicken and pork generally decreasing.

“For example, beef mince prices increased by 7.2% and prices for frozen chicken portions decreased by 5.3%.”

The index is based on a much smaller basket of goods and services, comprising just under 20% of the weight and 187 of the 412 products in the (consumer price index)

CPI basket.

Food and non alcoholic beverage products dominate, comprising 89.1% of the essential products consumer price index basket.


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