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Please treat Senzo matter with respect – Kelly Khumalo


‘This is a very important matter, there is nothing to smile about. This matter needs to be treated with delicacy and respect.’

Johannesburg – Singer Kelly Khumalo turned the screws on Thobela FM radio presenters on Wednesday afternoon as they urged her to smile moments after fielding questions about the Senzo Meyiwa murder investigation on Wednesday. 

The former Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana captain was killed at Khumalo’s Vosloorus home in what witnesses claim was a botched robbery in October 2014. 

However, it was reported in The Sunday Independent last weekend that Meyiwa was killed in an accidental shooting in the house and there had been a delicate police cover up to shield the shooter. 

The police have disputed this.

Speaking to Thobela FM on her radio tour of her new single ‘Ungithatha Kancinci’, which loosely means ‘you take me for granted’, Khumalo was pressed on questions about the Meyiwa murder investigation, which has yielded no fruit five years after the former footballer’s death. 

Catch me on Radio Turf righ now#UndithathaKancincipic.twitter.com/cf1uvjyJuA

— Kelly Khumalo (@KellyKhumaloZA)November 13, 2019

“I think it’s high time the law (enforcement agencies) understand the importance of the case, there are families involved and people involved. The whole thing of changing the investigating officer is uncalled for and it needs to stop,” she said. 

Addressing another question, Khumalo said she was commonly misunderstood by people. Some have raised questions about why she has been on a whirlwind media tour just as the news of her former lover resurface. 

“I’m not trying to be understood, those who understand me understand me. When people have decided not to understand you it is their decision, you can’t do anything to undo that,” she said. 

But Khumalo appeared to snap at the Thobela FM presenters who were prodding her to smile just moments after fielding questions related to the Meyiwa murder investigation. 

“This is a very important matter, there is nothing to smile about. This matter needs to be treated with delicacy and respect,” Khumalo shot back. 

And when they attempted to ask her why she kept talking about the Meyiwa matter, she said: 

“You guys ask me. I would rather not talk about it. People ask me. I get asked, I can’t run away from being asked, I can be rude, but I accommodate them. It does not amuse me to talk about this matter (sic),” she said. 

Khumalo and Meyiwa’s late father Sam, had a tumultuous relationship which played out in the media before and after the goalkeeper’s death. 

During the build up to Meyiwa’s funeral, Meyiwa Sr publicly banned Khumalo from attending Meyiwa’s funeral in Durban and said Khumalo loved attention. 

“She likes to talk, she goes to the media and talk, she was supposed to phone us and tell us the story about what happened – but they did not do this, I do not want her at my house and I do not want her here,” Meyiwa Snr told the Daily News in October 2014, two days after Meyiwa’s death. 

Meyiwa Sr was against his sons extra-marital affair with the singer. 

“I will ask people to chase her away, I do not want her, the way she is behaving – she likes to show off, she knows that Senzo hurt me because he had his own wife (Mandisa Mkhize), it breaks all of me and she goes (on) showing off that Senzo is her boyfriend,” he said.

Meanwhile, Khumalo told Thobela FM she was in a space where was not angry, nor bitter, because “I know God is there”. 


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