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Pitbull mauls Pietermaritzburg toddler to death


A three-year-old boy has succumbed to his injuries after he was mauled by a pitbull on Monday.

Medics at the scene. Picture: Netcare 911

Durban – A three-year-old boy has succumbed to his injuries after he was mauled by a pitbull on Monday.

Medics confirmed that the toddler died in hospital.

According to Netcare 911 media liasion, Shawn Herbst, emergency teams responded to reports of a dog bite at a residence in Glenwood, Pietermaritzburg, just after 4pm.

“Reports from the scene indicate that a 3-year-old male had sustained serious injuries after being mauled by a pitbull. The patient was stabilised on scene by a Netcare 911 Emergency Care Practitioner and once stabilised was transported by ambulance to hospital for further treatment,” he said.

Herbst said that the child had succumbed to his injuries and died later that evening.

He said the boy had suffered severe facial trauma and was bitten on his neck, shoulders and on his hip.

The mauling has once against shone the spotlight on pitbulls.

In June, a 50-year-old man was rushed to hospital after he was attacked by two pitbulls in Brookdale, in Phoenix.

In March, a 5-year-old girl was mauled to death at her home in Atteridgeville, just west of Pretoria.

According to reports, a woman heard the girl screaming and when she ran outside to investigate, she saw the dog attacking the child. The child died upon arrival at the hospital.

The attacks have led to debates on social media with explaining that it was the way that the dogs were kept and bred that impacted their behaviour.

Whatever your beliefs are around pitbulls, there are ways to keep safe around them and any other breed of dog:

Most dangerous situations

Leaving an infant or toddler alone with any breed of dog.

New or temporary living situations involving children and dangerous dog breeds.

Any dog with a history of aggression in a household with children.

Approaching a chained dog, especially if it is male and unaltered.

Encountering a pack of loose dogs, familiar or unfamiliar to you.

Inserting yourself into a dogfight, especially when fighting breeds are involved.

Approaching a vehicle with a dog inside (or in the bed of a truck).

Walking your leashed dog in front a home that harbours a pit bull.

Passing a pit bull on the street with your child or leashed dog.

Always remember

Do not pet a dog without first letting it see you, even when you know the dog!

Do not lean your face close to a dog.

Never approach an unfamiliar dog. If the dog wants contact with you, it will approach you in a friendly manner.

Do not tease a dog, especially a chained or tethered dog.

Do not startle a sleeping dog.

Do not play aggressive games with your dog.

Do not bother a dog that is eating.

Do not disturb a dog that is caring for puppies.

Do not turn your back on a dog and run away.

Source: dogsbite.org

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