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#BUDGET2019 Social grants to increase

R500 bn has been set aside for pensioners and others reliant on social grants.

#Budget2019: Eskom once again gets a ‘bailout’

'Pouring money directly into Eskom in its current form is like pouring water into a sieve.'

#Budget2019: ‘Sin tax’ hikes

The finance minister ignored the tobacco industry’s desperate calls to not increase the interest of tobacco from their current level.

#Budget2019: Fuel taxes to increase by 30 cents …

... and there is more on the cards

#BUDGET2019: Eskom rescue package set to dominate budget speech

President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged to split Eskom into three entities this month and said financial support measures would be contained in Mboweni’s speech.

#Budget2019: This is what small businesses hope to hear

Reduce red tape and enable them to focus on growth rather than compliance.

Lower fuel prices sees CPI inflation drop to 4%

The lower fuel price reflects the significant drop in the international oil price since September.