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No loadshedding expected on Sunday


The possibility, however, still remains if there are any shifts in the system.

Johannesburg – There will be no loadshedding on Sunday, Eskom has announced.

Eskom said in a statement early on Sunday that there would be no rotational loadshedding but the possibility remains if there are any shifts in the system. 

“As the generation system has sufficiently improved with the successful return of a unit and adequate emergency reserves, Eskom does not expect to implement rotational loadshedding today. However, the generation plant remains unreliable and unpredictable and the possibility remains that loadshedding may be implemented at short notice, should there be major changes in the generation system performance during the course of the day. We will provide regular updates,” the power utility said.

Eskom also again reminded South Africans that there was a possibility of increased load shedding over the next 18 months as it conducted critical maintenance to restore the ageing plant to good health.


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