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Nathaniel Julies’s family thanks South Africans for support


The family has now asked for space to grieve and prepare for his burial.

Eldorado Park teen, Nathaniel Julius was allegedly shot by police on Wednesday. Picture: Twitter

Johannesburg – The family of Nathaniel Julies thanked South Africans for standing by them during their grief and is now asking for space while they prepare for his burial.

This was according to a community member who who was speaking on behalf of the family in Eldorado Park on Monday.

She said Nathaniel’s parents were happy the men accused of their son’s death was caught and that court proceedings were under way.

However, they were now requesting space to grieve and let everything that happened to their son sink in.

“They say they would like to be given space to start funeral arrangements.

“They just need space for now this week so that everything in as far as what happened to their son sinks in,” she said.

The Down syndrome teenager was shot last week Wednesday night.

Two police officers from Eldorado Park police station have been arrested and charged with his murder.

They also face charges of being in possession of prohibited ammunition, and defeating the ends of justice.

Many Eldorado Park residents were present at the Protea Magistrate’s Court on Monday to attend the proceedings.

Nathaniel’s parents, however, chose not to attend the officers’ first appearance.

“They are happy with the swift response of the police and the Independent Police Investigate Directorate.

“They will say when the funeral is as well as the memorial service. They will be be going to court as they were told that it was not necessary to go for the first appearance but the community will go on their behalf,” she said.