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Malema hits back at ANCYL president Malatji


EFF leader Julius Malema has clapped back at ANC Youth League president Collen Malatji, saying he is struggling to lead a “dead” Youth League while “trying desperately to be relevant”.

EFF commander in chief Julius Malema. Picture: Timothy Bernard, Independent Newspapers

EFF LEADER Julius Malema has clapped back at ANC Youth League (ANCYL) president Collen Malatji, saying he is struggling to lead a “dead” Youth League while “trying desperately to be relevant”.

Malema also said he knew he was Malatji’s role model, but warned that the Young Lions leader should not be envious.

Malema, in what appeared to be a war of words between the two, spoke out after Malatji launched an attack against the Red Berets leader earlier this year.

Malatji had taken a swipe at former ANC members who had left the party to start their own.

Malatji had initially called the parties “Mickey Mouse organisations that are taking advantage of people”.

He said: “We know after we have resolved these issues, these Mickey Mouse organisations led by criminals will not have voters because people will know it’s only the ANC that will resolve their problems.

“Everyone who’s a criminal and kicked out of the ANC, when they’re bored with their wives, children and families, the first thing they think of is to form a political party, go to Parliament and reverse the gains of freedom.”

Malatji had also accused Malema of ill-discipline and that he wanted to turn the Youth League he was leading at the time into a cult.

Cutting deeper, Malatji further accused Malema of lying about about why he was expelled from the party.

He said the only reason for Malema to have been kicked out of the ANC was because he lacked discipline and violated the ANC constitution.

“Malema was fired for economic freedom, that is not true. It is a lie that must be clarified. He was fired for ill-discipline, he was fired for contravening the constitution of the ANC and the Youth League.

“He wanted to turn the Youth League into a cult organisation that belongs to him like the EFF,” Malatji had said.

Malema was expelled for the ANC in 2012 for bringing the party into disrepute after making comments about another country, which was against ANC policies.

Malatji added that Malema had led the EFF with an iron fist.

According to Malatji, EFF members do not have a say in organisational processes. He said only Malema calls the shots while the educated members of the party ran around with water everywhere.

“Julius is popular on Twitter. If you (had) a poll on Twitter, Julius will be the president of the country today.”

Responding to questions regarding what he thought about Malatji, his assertions and the Youth League, Malema said the ANCYL was dead.

“The ANCYL died and no one can revive it. The Youth League, in its nature, does not allow interference from the elders … once the elders start meddling with the Youth League then it becomes something else.

“… and that’s why the boy (Malatji) is struggling. I don’t know why he has taken a decision to insult me and make me his target,” Malema said.

He said Malatji was making a mistake because he was a friend of the youth.

“He is trying to find a way to be relevant … the way he speaks you can see that there is an element of desperation. There is a difference between emulating someone and envy,” Malema said.

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