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“Magnificent 5” walk 5km to seek help for rescued dog


While a group of boys from Cape Town who rescued a dog were lauded for their compassion and heroism, a man has been arrested for taking out his anger on a dog following a domestic dispute.

The group of boys from Philippi are being hailed heroes for saving Champ the dog who they had found lying in bushes last week. The boys were awarded by the Animal Welfare and some retail stores also gave the a shopping vouchers.The boys are Zubenathi Bikhwe 7, Luniko Mqombeni 9, Onke Mantambo 9, Agcobile Msutu, 9,Sibabalo Mphithizeli, 10 . Picture:Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

WHILE a group of boys from Philippi who rescued a dog were lauded for their compassion and heroism, a man has been arrested for taking out his anger on a dog following a domestic dispute.

On Wednesday the group of boys from Sweethome Farm in Philippi – who had saved a Labrador, Champ – were overwhelmed by their heroes’ welcome at the Animal Welfare Society (AWS).

Zubenathi Bikhwe, 7, Luniko Mqombeni, 9, Onke Mantambo, 9, Agcobile Msutu, 9 and Sibabalo Mphithizeli, 10, could not hide their excitement when they were reunited with their canine friend, who was equally excited to see them again after Champ arrived at AWS a week ago.

The boys rescued a timid Champ, after finding the canine lying in bushes last week, and hatched a plan using a belt as a makeshift collar and lead, and made sure to get the dog 5km to the AWS for medical assistance.

Asked about who came up with the idea to bring Champ to the AWS, the youngest in the group, Zubenathi, said he could not let the dog suffer and the group of friends followed in his act of bravery.

Picture:Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

“My friends were scared when we came across the dog but I knew we had to save him because he looked sick. I could not leave him there like that. I am very happy to see him again and I am happy that we are being called heroes,” said Zubenathi.

Nurse Jaque le Roux previously said that AWS planned to make The “Magnificent Five” animal ambassadors in their community, and reward them for their actions to ensure the safety of an animal in need.

Retail stores also gave shopping vouchers to the caring youngsters. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

On Wednesday the boys received certificates of bravery, and retail giants Spar and Pick n Pay pitched in with donations so the boys, and their mothers were able to go shopping for food and clothing.

AWS doctor John McMullen said: “When (Champ) came in he was very dejected, hungry and very lethargic. The group had walked about 5km with Champ and the story is just incredible. Champ is like a whole new dog. He can’t stop wagging his tail, which is a sign of happiness,” he said.

AWS said the cherry on top would now be to find Champ a happy home after about a month of recovery.

Meanwhile, Meira, a dog belonging to a 71-year-old man, was brutally killed after a domestic dispute turned violent.

Meira, a black cross-breed, had to be put down by the Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA after sustaining a stab wound on Tuesday.

CoGH SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham said the incident took place after a man lost an argument with a woman in the street.

“He violently took his frustrations out on Meira, who was doing nothing but sitting contentedly with her owner, a homeless man to whom she was a faithful companion.

“After allegedly plunging a 20cm-long blade into Meira’s back, this man proceeded to lift her up and kick her before walking away and leaving her in a pile on the ground.”

She said he organisation’s inspector, Jeffery Mfini, responded to the call and transported the badly injured Meira, who was unable to use her hind legs at all, to their animal hospital for treatment.

Meira had to be euthanased to prevent further suffering, and the assailant was found and arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

Police spokesperson Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed that a 32-year old suspect had been arrested.

Vicky Solomons made a brief appearance at the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court yesterday, where he was released on bail.

He is expected to appear again on October 1.

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