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LOOK: NW couple get shock of their lives after finding crocodile frolicking in their pool


Nile crocodile was spotted taking a dip in the couple’s pool.

Picture: Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation/Facebook

As soon as Angel and Jaco Breytenbach wake up in the morning, they check their security cameras and let out their pets.

But over the weekend, the couple spotted an uninvited guest taking a dip in their swimming pool – a Nile crocodile.

Taking to Facebook, Angel wrote: “This morning… this happened, only in South Africa hey!”

The North West couple quickly alerted the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation, a non-profit organisation that specialises in ethical conservation. It helped relocate the croc to a safe space.

The foundation said it would be checked out by the Department of Nature Conservation then released back into its natural habitat.

The organisation posted pictures of the reptile, on its Facebook page, and by the size of it, the animal is not something to be toyed with.

According to conservation experts, Cyclone Eloise has wreaked havoc in some parts of South Africa as heavy rains displaced animals.

The crocodile might have wondered from a nearby river to the Breytenbach’s pool.

During the rescue effort, Wild Heart Wildlife members appeared to have their hands full, testament to the animal’s brute strength.

While posting a video of the rescue on Facebook, the organisation warned South Africans not to approach wild animals on their own.

“Please note that animals like these should only be handled by rescuers permitted in accordance with nature conversation guidelines,“ it said.

“Relocation and rescue of these animals is a very dangerous job, and you should always contact professionals to assist.”

Watch the video here.

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