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LISTEN: KZN teen’s bullying video clip goes viral


A teenager has spoken out about enduring 12 years of bullying at the hands of her classmates.

Durban – Residents have come together to assist a Durban teenager who shared a short video clip about the abuse she has had to endure at the hands of her class mates. 

In the short Tik Tok video, which has since been posted on the Facebook page Here’s Why I’m Mad Today, the girl describes how she has been bullied by her peers. She says she has been teased because she has big eyes and a thin body.

“I don’t understand why people have to get picked on (about) their size, the way they look and anything else. Like, all their flaws get picked on, why? We all not perfect,” the teenager says before wiping her eyes. 

“Anyway today at school was a bit f***ed up.” she says. 

In a second clip, the girl asks if it is a problem for people to be real. 

“Yes I know I got big eyes. I love my big eyes. I got a thin body, I love it. But if people keep judging me and telling me s**t about myself and about my body, how the hell am I supposed to even feel?” she says. 

The teen then talks about being picked on for the last 12 years of her life. The video then cuts to rapper, Adrenalin, who talks about his disgust at the bullying. 

Adrenalin then shares his view on the teen’s video and calls for an end to bullying. 

The teen’s video has prompted yet another call for an end to bullying. 

Since the posting, residents have come together to assist the teen. Some have offered a free photo shoot, while others have sponsored a prom dress and lots of other goodies.

The Mercury

WARNING: The video clip contains swearing. The Mercury has opted not to share the video in order to protect the girl’s identity as she is still a pupil.

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