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Lindani Myeni’s wife prepares for repatriation of his body


Lindsay Myeni thanked South Africans for the support she has received

Lindani Myeni with his wife Lindsay and their two children. Picture: Facebook

LINDANI Myeni’s wife Lindsay is preparing for the repatriation of her husband’s body to South Africa, where he will be buried. Myeni was shot and killed by police in Hawaii, in the United States, who had allegedly mistaken him for a suspect in a burglary.

Lindsay, in one of the videos she posted on social media, thanked people who have been with her since the tragedy, sent condolences and donated money towards the repatriation of her husband.

She wants to give her husband a befitting funeral in his country of birth, South Africa.

“We are taking Lindani’s body to be buried at home in South Africa, through the assistance of the gofundme initiative.”

The fund so far saw more than 90 people donating money to assist the family.

“Thanks to everyone for asking how they can help. Thank you for all the support and love through this time,” she said.

The 29-year-old former KwaZulu-Natal rugby player was shot dead by police last week in Hawaii during a confrontation.

Myeni was apparently unarmed at the time.

Lindsay and their two children had been waiting for him to come home.

He had gone for a drive earlier that evening to get some air, but he never returned. His wife was informed of his death hours after the shooting happened.

Police allege that Myeni, from Eskhaleni near Richards Bay, entered a home in the Nuuanu area, exhibiting strange behaviour. He allegedly took off his shoes and spoke to the homeowners, who were upset and called the police. Myeni then went to sit in the car.

When police arrived, Myeni allegedly got out of the vehicle and charged at police officers.

Myeni was reportedly shot dead by police during the scuffle.

The United States Embassy this week said they are monitoring the investigation by the Hawaiian authorities regarding the incident.

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