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Lindani Myeni’s widow pens heartfelt letter to him


Lindsay Myeni said she was the luckiest woman in the world to have met Lindani and she could not believe that he had picked her to be his wife.

Lindani and Lindsay Myeni on their wedding day. Picture: Facebook.

THE WIFE of Lindani Myeni, the former rugby player from KwaZulu-Natal who was shot dead by Honolulu police in Hawaii, penned a letter to her late husband stating that she was the “luckiest woman in the world” to have met and married him.

Myeni’s widow, Lindsay, who has two children with him, posted the letter on social media along with a picture from their wedding.

“I’m the luckiest woman in the world. To have met you. To have been fully known within every inch of me and still loved.”

She said Lindani had given her confidence that she had never had and showed her how to not hold grudges.

“You taught me how to be a forgiving person.”

Lindsay said before she met Myeni she cared about what other people thought of her.

“I would cut people off if I didn’t want to deal with conflict. I was unforgiving. I was entitled inside, in that subtle American way, where we just don’t know how blessed we are because we haven’t seen any different.”

She thanked her husband for exposing her to the world and for making her “a better person”.

“I still can’t believe you picked me to be your wife. With confidence and certainty.

“You picked me and stuck with me through the hardest years of our lives and just when it’s over and everything’s coming together, you’re gone.”

Lindsay said she was always grateful for not having to be a single mom because she could not do without Myeni. “I guess single moms don’t usually decide to be alone.”

She said she still could not make sense of what happened to her husband.

“I can’t make sense of anything that happened in those 18 minutes after I hung up the phone with you, but I know you made this world a better place and I sense that you still are watching over me.

“There will never be another Lindani Myeni. Thank you for your love”

On Sunday, Lindsay posted on social media that Myeni would have been stunned that the EFF and ANC were writing about him.

Picture: Facebook

“This is just the beginning. The world will never be the same again. Release the 911 tapes, release the unedited footage, return the phone.

“Return the wedding ring, his umqhele headband, and his necklace. We are waiting.”

EFF members went to the US Embassy in Pretoria to protest against the “onslaught of black people carried out by American police“.

EFF members kneel in protest at the US embassy against the killing of Lindani Myeni. Picture: James Mahlokwane

On Monday, Myeni’s family told Independent Media that his remains would be arriving in the country on Friday.

Myeni’s uncle, Andlile Xaki, said they appreciated the assistance of the South African government which had been engaging the US government regarding the repatriation process.

Myeni, his wife Lindsay and children had moved to the island early last year.

According to the Hawaiian police, Myeni was shot dead when officers were responding to a home burglary incident. When the police arrived at the scene, a scuffle occurred between Myeni and three officers outside a home.

Myeni is alleged to have punched and injured three officers, with one of the officers opening fire on Myeni.