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Limpopo dad warned in Facebook rant that he would kill his 4 kids


In his Facebook posts the man said he blamed his wife for allegedly cheating on him and in the process infecting him with HIV.

Johannesburg – A series of Facebook rants posted by a Limpopo man accused of killing his four children have revealed that he blamed his wife for allegedly cheating on him and in the process infecting him with HIV and warned that she will never see them again.

In the 52-year-old man’s last post on Tuesday morning he said he was very angry at his wife and her alleged lovers. He added that she would never see him and their children again.

Part of the post read: “I am very angry at her, her friends and her lovers. She will never see us again and must die of Aids. My wife really hurt me”.

Some people commented with laughing emojis, while one person questioned why the wife’s privacy was not being respected. 

When word got out that he had allegedly killed his children, many people commented with crying emojis.

“It’s just sad that he killed his own children.The old man had been crying. His posts were heartbreaking. He needed serious help but killing children is not a solution,” one said.

Another said: “Such an old man killing his children because of their mother though”.

In one of the Facebook rants, the man alleged that his wife left the children by themselves, never bathed them, never did the laundry, never cooked or cleaned and that she and her friends go around looking for men.

“I bought meat and it went bad because there was no-one to cook it. My fridge now stinks and I threw the meat away. Even the two bags of potatoes that I had bought went bad.”

He also posted a picture of his wife and wrote: “HIV positive, pregnant, sleeping around with many men. She infected me with Aids and is spreading it, be careful.

On Monday he wrote that his wife took their youngest child to a man in Hebron, Tshwane, saying the child was his. However, the man allegedly denied paternity.

Police spokesperson Colonel Brenda Muridili said the man was traced in the Ga-Pasha area in the Selatole village where he was arrested.

“He will be charged with four counts of murder and he will appear in Mecklenburg Magistrate’s Court within 48 hours,” said Muridili. 

She said the bodies of the four children – Katlego, 9, Joyce, 7, Tshepo, 5, and Adele, 3, were found in bush about 5kms from their home.

“Preliminary police investigations indicate that the father allegedly asked the driver of the scholar transport for his children and since the driver knew the father, he permitted him to take them.

“The motive for this brutal murders has not yet been established but investigations continue,” said Muridili.

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