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KZN family on ’high alert’ as third black mamba found on their property in a month


It is suspected that male black mambas are picking up the scent of a female in the area as mating season approaches, says Durban snake catcher Jason Arnold.

Durban snake catcher with the third black mamba he rescued from the same home in Verulam this month. Picture: Supplied

Durban – A Verulam family is on “high alert” after a third black mamba was captured on their property this month, Durban snake catcher Jason Arnold said.

Arnold said the first black mamba was found in the yard and was captured by another snake catcher.

“Then, a few days ago, I was called to the home after the residents spotted a 2.2m black male mamba in the drain.

“Yesterday, a child had been on their way to a nearby tuckshop when they spotted the snake in the property on the verge and alerted the residents.

“At this point, I can only assume there is a female black mamba in the neighbourhood, and her scent is being picked up by all the nearby males in the area and they are all trying to track her down because mating season is coming up.”

Arnold said the family were “obviously very uneasy and concerned” as no one knew how many more males might show up, if any.

“Everyone is just on very high alert and have my number on speed dial.”

Arnold said Wednesday’s mamba was 2.2m and weighed almost 3kg


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