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‘Killer slept on dead pal’


Cops have arrested a man who allegedly murdered his neighbour and hid the body between his mattress and base.

SCENE: The mattress and base between which the body was hidden

Cops have arrested a man who allegedly murdered his neighbour and hid the body between his mattress and base.

The 22-year-old suspect allegedly stabbed Thobani Mcanda 14 times in his neck.

He then took the 27-year-old man’s body and stuffed him in his bed, on which he and his girlfriend slept on Saturday night.

Three people have been arrested for the horror murder that took place in Khayelitsha D-Section Tsephetsephe informal settlement.

DECEASED: Victim Thobani Mcanda, 27

The victim’s sister, Nomboniso Mcanda, 29, claims: “The following day he (suspect) went to our other neighbour’s shack and asked him to keep my brother’s body until he figured out what to do with it.

“The owner of the shack kept the corpse under his bed until Tuesday.”

She explains the neighbour revealed to his family that he was storing a dead body in his shack.

“His shocked siblings went straight to the police station and told them about the confession,” adds Nomboniso.

“The police came and when they arrived at the shack, the body was not there.”

She says the body was found several metres from the shack.

“The man who killed my brother was already on the way to burn his body.

“Petrol was found and he had already burnt the carpet that had blood on it,” she explains.

“My brother’s body was only left with underwear and socks.”

Thobani was last seen going to the suspect’s shack on Saturday night.

“He was preparing to go to a party, and went to get his laptop which he lent to the suspect last week Monday,” says Nomboniso.

“When Thobani was leaving with his stuff, he was attacked and then stabbed repeatedly.

“I was told by witnesses that the suspect even went to his other neighbour’s shack to borrow a knife to cut my brother’s throat.

“I went to the suspect’s home repeatedly, asking about my brother’s whereabouts and he lied to me and said he left with someone else.”

RELATIVE: Nomboniso Mcanda

The two men had grown up in the same area.

“They have known each other since they were children and they have never had a fight before,” adds the sister.

Police spokeswoman Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana says: “Three suspects, aged 18, 21, and 22, are expected to appear in the Khayelitsha Magistrates’ Court today.”

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