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Khoza remains defiant


Makhosi believes the hearing won't be fair

Makhosi Khoza Picture: Independent Media
DESPITE being slapped with multiple disciplinary charges, ANC MP Makhosi Khoza remained defiant yesterday and accused the ruling party of selective justice and targeting only her.
Khoza said there were other leaders who had spoken publicly about the removal of President Jacob Zuma and not been charged.
“In the recent past several senior ANC officials, including MPs, have publicly raised their concerns regarding our president. No action has been taken against those individuals,” she said in a statement on her Facebook page.
“As a lifelong and loyal member of the ANC, I respect the processes of the organisation and I will attend the disciplinary hearing as is required. I do, however, have significant reservations as to the fairness I can expect of the process, considering senior leaders within the ANC have publicly called for my dismissal,” she said.
Khoza said she would attend the disciplinary hearing on September 10 in Durban to defend herself.
The ANC yesterday denied it was selective in its disciplinary process. ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said Khoza had been charged for not heeding the many calls to toe the party line.
“The issue is her conduct. She violated everything the ANC stood for. She displayed flagrant arrogance,” said Kodwa.
He said Khoza did not listen to advice to stop making public statements that were not in the interests of the ANC. “There were many others, but they were spoken to and they never repeated them,” he said.
According to the charge sheet, Khoza breached 11 party rules, including being “disrespectful to the KwaZulu-Natal provincial executive committee”. It states that Khoza made her statements outside structures of the organisation.
“You refused and/or failed to use the opportunity provided by national policy conference, which you attended, to legitimately raise your views on the platform provided. Instead you preferred to use public media to do so,” read part of the charge sheet.
It said a “significant” part of her statements were public attacks on the ANC and its leadership, which was contrary to its culture and tradition.
“Your conduct was dismissive and/or defiant of the process and authority of the ANC decision-making mechanism,” it stated.
Khoza has 14 days to interact with the disciplinary committee to agree on a date and venue for her disciplinary hearing, said the ANC’s provincial spokesperson in KZN, Mdumiseni Ntuli.
“The pace will be determined by the level of interaction between her and the disciplinary committee,” said Ntuli.
He did not want to speculate on what would happen to Khoza if she voted in support of the motion of no confidence against Zuma on August 8.
Kodwa said Khoza would remain an MP and attend her parliamentary work.
He said Khoza took an oath of membership when she joined the ANC which “expected her to be loyal, respect and abide by the decision of the party”.
Kodwa said Khoza had betrayed the trust the ANC put to her.
“We trust the MPs. They must not abuse Parliament. She has betrayed us. Her organisation said whatever the decision the Speaker decides on it will support it, whether secret ballot or not. But the ANC will not vote with the opposition. They won’t do that,” said Kodwa.
Khoza said she refused to accept protection from Parliament and the SAPS because they were lax in their approach when she reported the death threats three months ago.
She said she had arranged private protection for herself and her family.