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Co-author of ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’ allegedly commits suicide


Police fail to confirm or deny if the deceased was Mark Minnie.

The farmhouse where the body of a 58-year-old man, thought to be of author and former police officer Mark Minnie was found on Monday night. Picture: Raahil Sain/African News Agency (ANA)

Port Elizabeth – A man thought to be Mark Minnie, co-author of the controversial book “The Lost Boys of Bird Island”, has been found dead on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth in what appears like an apparent suicide.

The book, which is about high-ranking former National Party officials allegedly being part of a paedophile ring involving cabinet ministers in the late 1980s, is a collaboration between Chris Steyn and Minnie – a former narcotics agent.

Police spokesperson Captain Johan Rheeder said a 58- year-old Port Elizabeth man was found dead at his friend’s farmhouse in Theescombe, on Wednesday evening. He, however, would not confirm or deny that the deceased was the co-author, Minnie.

Rheeder said the man who was found dead is an ex-policeman who had visited his friend at a farm. The friend left him to rest and he went out with his workers.

He said at about 9 pm the friend received a call from the deceased’s female friend enquiring about his whereabouts. 

“The friend then went home and went to the deceased’s room and noticed that he was not in the room. He looked for the deceased and found him outside lying near a bush with a gunshot wound to his head. A firearm was found lying next to him.”

Rheeder said at this stage no foul play was suspected. An inquest docket has been opened. 

African News Agency/ANA