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If grid deteriorates, expect further stages of load shedding, warns Eskom


Eskom’s head of generation said that some power units are currently at high risk those units can trip at any stage.

File picture: Nadine Hutton/Bloomberg

ESKOM has extended Stage 2 load shedding further – to be implemented continuously until Friday morning.

On Wednesday morning, the power utility said the extension of load shedding was caused by the failure of additional units and the continued shortage of generation capacity due to delays in returning to service three generating units at Camden Power Station and two generating units at Tutuka Power Station.

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter held a media briefing where he explained the issues that have caused the extension of load shedding.

He said that overnight a generation unit each at Medupi, Matla, Kendal and Komati power stations failed, while 240MW of power imports from Mozambique was interrupted, exacerbating the supply constraints.

Three generation units were returned to service at Matla, Grootvlei and Camden power stations.

“We currently have 5,379MW on planned maintenance, while another 14,827MW of capacity is unavailable due to unplanned breakdowns.

“The extension of the load shedding is required to preserve the remaining emergency generation reserves in an attempt to limit the stage of load shedding.”

The power utility warned that any further deterioration in generation capacity may require further load shedding.

Eskom’s head of generation, Phillip Dukashe, said that some units were currently at high risk as it was in excess of 11,000MW.

Dukashe said those units can trip at any stage.

“We will use the long weekend to work through these units,” Dukashe said.

“Persistent rain has also contributed to where we are and we are worried about the rain expected next week. We will use these dry days to work through them,.”

De Ruyter added that the power utility has reached an arrangement with eThekwini Municipality and will not implement load shedding in the area.

“We are offering any assistance we possibly can to assist KZN during this time,” he said.

“Eskom would like to apologise for the implementation of load shedding and would like to reiterate that load shedding is implemented only as a last resort in order to protect the national grid. We will communicate should there be any significant changes to the supply situation,” De Ruyter said.

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