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‘I killed my baby and dumped her body in the bushes’


The mom and her boyfriend were overcome by guilt after drowning the 1-year-old in a bucket of water, that they went to the cops to confess.

Johannesburg – A Mpumalanga mother who, together with her boyfriend, allegedly killed her infant daughter and hid the body was so consumed by guilt that she went to the police and confessed.

Keletso Maimela, 28, and her boyfriend, Fannie Pholoane – who is not the child’s biological father- allegedly killed the infant in September last year. However, the matter only came to light this past Saturday when Maimela, who could not keep such a secret anymore, went to the police station and spilled the beans.

According to Mpumalanga police spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi, Maimale was living with her two children when she started a relationship with Pholoane.

When she decided to move in with him, she took the 1-year-old to live with them while the other child stayed with her parents.


In September lat year they were allegedly driving on the Lydenburg road when they stopped and killed the little girl. 

“They suddenly stopped, forced the defenceless young girl into a bucket, poured water inside whilst the mother was allegedly holding the child’s head. During this disgusting incident, Pholoane was allegedly holding the child’s legs. 

“The merciless pair made sure that she did not survive. The tiny body was apparently put in a bag and thrown in the bushes. The two went back to their place of residence and continued with life as if nothing happened.” 

Hlathi said when neighbours inquired on the whereabouts of the child after not seeing her for days, they were told that she was attending creche in Limpopo.

However, this past Saturday, Maimela could allegedly not keep the secret any longer then went to the police to confess what she and her boyfriend had done.

She and Pholoane were arrested and appeared at the in the Mashishing Magistrate’s Court on Monday. They were expected to be back in court on February 10.

Police are still looking for the body.

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