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Hawks spokesperson dismisses claims he is a “corrupt, serial liar”


Private forensic invesigator Paul O’Sullivan had said that the elite crime-fighting unit couldn’t afford to have a “tainted” figure like Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi as its public face

Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi. File picture

DURBAN – Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi has dismissed claims by private forensic invesigator Paul O’Sullivan that he is corrupt.

Mulaudzi said O’Sullivan held an old personal grudge against him. Sullivan said the elite crime-fighting unit couldn’t afford to have a tainted figure like Mulaudzi as its public face.

In an open letter penned on Friday, O’Sullivan alleged that Mulaudzi was wrongly appointed by the former Hawks head, Lieutenant-General Berning Ntlemeza, and he should be sacked.

“Do the country a favour and stop stealing our taxes to keep you in employment. Go get a proper job. You are one of the many appointments by that criminal from Limpopo, Ntlemeza, that have to be reversed.

“In the meantime, the DPCI (the Hawks) can never be trusted with a serial liar like you as its spokesman. You simply cannot ever be believed because, like the North West syndicate, you have too many skeletons to hide and have lied too often,” O’Sullivan wrote in the letter.

Hitting back, Mulaudzi claimed that O’Sullivan failed to understand that what had earned him the enmity he was getting, was simply doing his job.

This was in apparent reference to the forensic investigator trying to settle a score regarding a statement Mulaudzi issued on behalf of the Hawks when he was arrested in 2016 while boarding a flight to London.

At that time, O’Sullivan was charged for allegedly violating the country’s immigration act by entering and exiting it using his Irish passport.

“I don’t have time for Paul and if he is so eager to show how corrupt I’m am, why put it in the public space? The fact I’m a spokesperson, does it mean I’m corrupt?

“Why does he want to be treated differently from others? He has been accusing me of being corrupt with a number of high-ranking former and present police officers and went on to threaten to put me in a body bag if I challenge him.

“He has a score to settle with many people and he fails to differentiate the work of a spokesperson. That is my sin. He is more than welcome to tarnish my name. I don’t care and I don’t lose anything.

’’These accusations started in 2016; four years down the line he is still investigating. Thought he was sharp, now I should be wearing a yellow overall,” Mulaudzi said in response.

By the time of publication, O’Sullivan had not responded to Independent Media’s request to specify the allegations of corruption he is levelling against Mulaudzi.

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