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Haibo Masechaba! Spokesperson ‘kills’ coronavirus patients


Newly appointed spokesperson Masechaba Ndlovu feels the wrath of Mzansi Twitter after erreoneusly ‘killing’ off South Africa’s coronavirus patients.

Newly appointed spokesperson Masechaba Ndlovu has left Mzansi Twitter shocked after she tweeted that 64 people had died from the coronavirus in South Africa. 

Ndlovu was recently appointed as Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa’s spokesperson to much fanfare. 

Ndlovu had erreoneusly tweeted about a ‘death toll’, when she in fact meant to refer to confirmed coronavirus infections within South Africa’s borders.

Ndlovu tweeted on Wednesday morning: The message is unambiguous. People must listen to what the president has said. There is no ‘maybe’, people are dying. The death toll was at 64 yesterday, we now stand at 116”. 

She later deleted the tweet and clarified that she had been referring to infections and not deaths. There have been no coronavirus-related deaths in South Africa. 

Meanwhile, the twitterati were quick to latch onto Ndlovu’s error after some raised questions about her appointment last week.

She has been criticsed in the past for comments she has made about abuse against women. Some users used her error to point at her supposed incompetence as the spokesperson for the minister. 

She quickly corrected her earlier tweet: “To clarify, the number of people infected with #CoronaVirusSA now stands at 116″. Thank you Twitter family. Let’s continue to take the necessary measures to curb the spread of this Virus. My apologies for giving you a fright.”

Some users called for her to be suspended, while others noted that she had made an honest mistake.  


Just what if Masechaba didn’t make a mistake, what if she actually spoke the truth by mistake and we are being told it’s just case of#COVID19SouthAfrica whereas it’s real deaths#ConspiracyTheories yes, no, Maybe?…

— ZuluSouthAfrican 🕗 (@darealRex1)March 18, 2020

Masechaba killed our people?


Wait the newly appointed Spokesperson declared people deadpic.twitter.com/BzcbCgaNS8

— Catchvibe Moatshe (@IamCatchvibe)March 18, 2020

Honestly, these are grounds for immediate suspension. There is absolutely no reason for you to be tweeting so recklessly when people are already scared.

Who sent you? Aren’t you spokesperson for arts and culture? Who, at DOH, sent you Masechaba?https://t.co/uVShdq7WxL

— ❤ (@M_sankie)March 18, 2020

You see this thing of Employing the connected instead of the Qualified, it backfired Masechaba just announced the Coronavirus death toll#COVID19SouthAfricapic.twitter.com/i8buqHZXSS

— Lerato Pillay (@uLerato_pillay)March 18, 2020

It makes sense that Masechaba is rushing to deaths. Her boss specializes in tweeting condolences on this platform.

They are practicing..!pic.twitter.com/aqHmNrmFUj

— Revolutionary (@Common_man18)March 18, 2020

Not even 2 weeks in the Job Masechaba is already sending condolencespic.twitter.com/Of4XmwFUb3

— K U L A N I (@kulanicool)March 18, 2020 You guys make mistakes at work too especially at your new jobs….Masechaba made a mistake too, she’s human. We move.

— T (@Themb1)March 18, 2020

What if Masechaba just revealed a state secret? and the follow up tweet is a cover-up?

— Ç (@CousamaO3)March 18, 2020


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