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’God must intervene’


Mogoeng sticks to his guns on Covid-19 vaccine and religion.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. Picture: Simphiwe Mbokazi/African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town – Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has defended his remarks over his religious beliefs on the use of the vaccine to fight Covid-19.

This comes after #Africa4Palestine lodged a complaint against Mogoeng with the Judicial Service Committee.

This is the second complaint against Mogoeng by the organisation in the last few months.

Early this year the organisation lodged a complaint with the JSC after Mogoeng supported Israel during an interview.

Tisetso Magama of #Africa4Palestine said his remarks flew in the face of conducting himself properly.

“We believe that the Chief Justice’s latest comments undermine medical science and South Africa’s position on the distribution of vaccines.

“Moreover, we are of the opinion that these latest remarks on vaccines are similar to Mogoeng’s pro-Israel comments, both are examples of the chief justice entering controversial issues which clearly violate the JSC’s code of conduct,” said Magama.

But Mogoeng stuck to his guns and said he had a right to raise issues in the public and that any organisation or person had a right to lodge a complaint if they were not happy.

“I think it’s proper that any South African who feels aggrieved by what any judge, magistrate says including me, they must lay complaints.

“Whether the complaints are well founded or not is a matter to be decided by a relevant structure.

“So, I will wait for the complaint to come and I will deal with it when it comes,” said Mogoeng.

He said it was his right to raise issues which concern him, including the issue of the vaccine.

He said he stood by his remarks made at Tembisa hospital the day before on the vaccine.

“I said if there is any vaccine that is manufactured to advance a satanic agenda of the mark of the beast 666, if there is any vaccine that is manufactured for the purpose of corrupting the DNA of the people that vaccine must be burnt, it must die.

“God must intervene and destroy it.

“So anybody who supports a vaccine that infuses 666 in the bodies of people, anybody who supports a vaccine that is meant to corrupt the DNA of the people I would understand if they raise an alarm,” said Mogoeng.

He said people were entitled to their views in the country as the Constitution allowed this.

The comments came as the government was preparing to make an initial payment of R327 million to join the Covax facility.

This is part of the R500m payment that is required for countries who would receive the vaccine when it is available.

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