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Fighting Durban golfers hit back at claims


One of the golfers has claimed that they, too, were sworn at and called names.

A fight between a group of golfers at a Durban golf course that was captured on video went viral recently. Picture: Screen Grab

Durban – A group of male golfers accused of swearing at female golfers at a Durban golf course have broken their silence, a week after the incident, which has gone viral. One of the golfers has claimed that they, too, were sworn at and called names.

The club has since instituted disciplinary action against the members involved.

They have also issued legal letters to the Athlone Golf Club and several newspapers cautioning against publishing the name of their club, its executive and general members regarding the incident.

The golfer is an attorney representing the male golfers accused of attacking the women.

He declined to be named, but said the matter had been blown out of proportion.

“We had a field of 32 golfers and teed off at 7.20am. Golfers turning from the front nine to back nine or vice versa always have preference on the tee box over those starting a new round. While a group in our field turned on to the 10th tee box, they encountered some female golfers teeing off,” he said.

When the men told the women golfers that they could not tee off because they had a club competition and more than half of their field was still turning, one of the women golfers said they had been given permission by the caddy master.

“Upon our member enquiring with the caddy master whether this was in fact the case, the caddy master said he had not given them consent.


“The members told them what had been said and the women started swearing and hurling racial slurs at them. In fact, one of the female golfers went so far as to be purposefully disruptive while the members proceeded to tee off. This was the last the male golfers interacted with the women golfers,” he said.

The attorney claimed the women had not booked a tee-off time.

“I hasten to add that they are simply fabricating their version of the events to deflect from the fact that their actions were wrong and not authorised. In further amplification of my denial of her version, it is common knowledge that Windsor Park is a municipal course and therefore does not make bookings. Golfers wanting to play at Windsor Park would pay the prescribed green fees and tee off on a first-come, first-served basis or when the tee box is available,” he said.

Later that day when the same group of members were completing their round of golf, they noticed a number of men, dressed in yellow shirts on the green. While one of the members in this group was completing his scorecard just off the 18th green, he was approached by one of the men in a yellow shirt.

“I am unaware of exactly what was said, but I can confirm that the man was enquiring into the incident that occurred earlier with the women. While this conversation continued, the man in the black shirt approached. His attitude and tone was immediately aggressive.

“He advised the golfer that he would f**k him up. This is when the conversation became extremely hot-tempered and the man threw a punch at the member.

“The rest is caught on video and is self-explanatory. In the video, one of the members slapped a man in the black shirt because he called him a ‘black coolie chara’. One woman was abusive towards the members, shouting racial slurs that were heard on the video,” he said.

The version that is out in the media, the attorney said, had the potential effect of tainting the name of the club.

“We will be giving a full incident report to the KwaZulu-Natal Golf Union. Should any of the parties intend pursuing the matter litigiously, the club has reserved its rights to respond at the appropriate time and forum.”

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