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Eskom is being sabotaged by syndicates, says Meshoe


’It’s a mess … government must come to the table and say we have failed the country,’ says ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe.

ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe. Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng

AFRICAN Democratic Christian Party (ACDP) leader Kenneth Meshoe has called on law enforcement agencies to investigate what he called acts of sabotage at Eskom.

This comes after the country finds itself in stages 6 and 4 of load shedding interchangeable. Meshoe said he had received information that there was a plot to destabilised Eskom, and he has called on police and the Hawks to investigate.

“We are told by the senior management that there are syndicates who are sabotaging the whole thing. Eskom is not making a profit because they are sending them pieces of coal which are mixed with iron and glass, it’s damaging the equipment,” said Meshoe.

Meshoe said while he understands that workers were frustrated with Eskom, the power utility was struggling to make profit. But he called on unions and Eskom to continue negotiations to avoid greater stages of load shedding.

“It’s a mess. Hospital are running out of electricity, government must come to the table and say we have failed the country,“ said Meshoe.

He said he believed changing management at Eskom was not the solution.

“If you have syndicates that are sabotaging Eskom and what management does, it won’t help. What we need is the police and detectives to discover what is really going on,” said Meshoe.

South Africa was plunged into Stage 4 load shedding last week following a wage dispute between workers and management. Following an intervention by the Department of Public Enterprises and unions, wage talks are said to continue this Friday.

Meanwhile, unions have urged workers to stop the strike action and allow the bargaining processes to continue.

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