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Elderly lady ‘unaware’ of drug lab in her house


Processed drugs such as Kat and chemicals was found in the house

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Two men were arrested and a drug manufacturing lab was closed down at a house in Likate Street in Phahameng, Mangaung, Free State police said on Wednesday.
“Processed drugs such as Kat and chemicals that were confirmed by forensic analysts to be those used to manufacture Kat were found. The house belonging to a gogo was allegedly used without her knowledge by suspects who had access to the house through relations with her granddaughter,” Colonel Thandi Mbambo said.
“Two suspects, aged 37 and 39 years, were arrested and charged with dealing and manufacturing drugs.”
Mbambo said the case was handed over to the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (known as the Hawks) in Bloemfontein for further investigation.
Provincial Police Commissioner, Lieutenant-General Lebeoana Tsumane, welcomed the arrests.
“Drugs and the abuse thereof have an adverse impact on community life and its one of the contributing factors to crime and violence, mostly to our youths. We appreciate community members who blew the whistle upon witnessing these illegal activities in their neighborhood, and encourage them to continue working with the police to root out elements of crime in our society,” said Tsumane.
– African News Agency (ANA)