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Doctor to pay R100 000 for scarring patient’s buttocks after Voltaren injection


The 30-year-old woman was forced to have surgery after the Voltaren injection 'went horribly wrong'. After the surgery, the woman was left with 'a big hole' in her right buttock.

Joshlin Ballaram said the during injection she screamed in pain. Picture: Pixabay

Pretoria – A Voltaren injection in the buttocks which left a 30-year-old woman with an unsightly scar will cost a doctor R100 000 in damages.

Joshlin Ballaram instituted a damages claim of more than R400 000 in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, against Dr Abdulaziz Joosub.

However, the parties decided to settle the matter for R100 000, and the doctor will pay his patient’s legal costs.

Ballaram said in papers before court that she went to her doctor on September 9, 2015, complaining of “bad fever and flu”.

She said the doctor gave her a Voltaren injection in her buttocks. It was the most painful injection she had ever experienced. During the injection she screamed in pain; the injection area bled profusely, she said.

She returned to the doctor three days later as the area where the injection was administered was extremely painful and had turned blue. She could not sit or sleep and she also could not stand or walk for long periods.

The doctor told her it was nothing serious and that the area would heal in a week’s time. He gave her medication and sent her home. It was stated that the doctor came to visit her at her home a week later when her father phoned to tell him she was still in pain. The doctor allegedly told her “it was a freak accident”. A few days later she was admitted to the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital as the area became infected.

A doctor there told her it was necrotic skin and not an abscess and that she needed surgery. She said that after the surgery she was left with “a big hole” in her right buttock.

According to the doctors who had treated her the injection resulted in a bad blood clot, which turned into a “burn” and a serious wound.

Ballaram, who worked at a car hiring company, said she was on sick leave for a long time and had depleted all her sick leave.

The extended healing process resulted in permanent scarring of the area.

Ballaram blamed the doctor for her situation, as she said he failed to administer the injection with care and skill. This resulted in an abscess which formed in the area and she was now left to deal with the ugly scar.

She had to go to hospital on three occasions to have the wound treated.

According to an expert report the injection should have been aborted when Ballaram indicated that she was experiencing severe pain and when unusual bleeding was noted. It was also said that the needle was not correctly placed and it was probably in a blood vessel.

She said the incident has had a devastating effect on her quality of life and the scarring of her buttock is a great problem for her.

She was off work for four months and on and off work for the next two months. The incident had had a negative effect on her promotion possibilities, it was stated.

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