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Desperate Cape Town mom chains up drug addict son to ‘keep him safe’

A 17-year-old boy has been chained up against the wall by his desperate mother because he is struggling with a drug addiction. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

Cape Town – “If he was a mouse, I would have long bought Rattex and killed him, but I cannot, he is a human and he is my son.”

These are the spine-chilling words of a mother in Philippi’s Browns Farm, who has resorted to chaining her drug-addicted 17-year-old son to a pole to “keep him safe”.

Mom Buyiswa, 39, tells the Daily Voice her son steals from her and other people to feed his addiction.

“My house is empty because he has sold every valuable item including food containers.

“When I go to work, I take my television and microwave to my brother because I fear I might come back and it’s sold,” she says.

Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

Buyiswa says people have already assaulted her son after accusing him of stealing, and she was even threatened at gunpoint for his crimes.

“Last weekend I was called by neighbours telling me my son has been caught and they are about to kill him,” she says.

“We rushed there and I pleaded with the people to spare his life. I borrowed the money and paid them.”

For Buyiswa that was the last straw: “A while back armed men stormed the house looking for him, saying he stole a cellphone. They pointed guns at me and I did not know what to say as he was not here.”

Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA)

The mother of three bought a chain on Tuesday and tied her son up.

“I have no other choice, but to chain him here or I will lose him,” she says.

“I fear that people might kill us, thinking that I send him to steal as I always pay back what he steals.”

She says her younger son has moved out because he stole and sold all his sneakers and clothes.

The chained teen admitted to the Daily Voice he smokes tik and Mandrax, but claims his friends make him steal.

He says he understands why his mom is tying him down.

“I can stay without smoking or stealing, but when I meet my friends and they ask me to do something, I do it,” he says.

“I am hurting my mother, I can see it and I want to change. If I can go away from here, I will change.”

The mom is now pleading with any person or organisation who can assist her to call her on 060 358 7872.

Daily Voice

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